SIM card for Alarm in Wireless Security

Does your Alarm Need a SIM Card? Look No Further!

We have recently seen an increase in demand for SIM cards for wireless alarms and home security systems. So, we launched a new page dedicated to SIM cards and plans for Wireless Alarm Systems! A wireless home security system is just one of many different types of connected devices using US Mobile’s SIM cards and plans. There are many benefits of having a home alarm system. 

Choose the Right Plan for Your Alarm System

US Mobile’s customizable talk, text or data plans, make it easy and cheap for you to connect any device. Our monthly plans are so affordable that if you have a home security system only using text messages, you would be paying $4 per month, including all fees. We know. That’s crazy. If you need data, just add it to your plan and pay $6 per month for 100 texts and 100 MB.

If for some reason you don’t want to keep the alarm connected for a particular month, you can downgrade and just pay a monthly fee of $2 to keep your SIM card active.

Most of you are probably worried about the opposite though! It is critical to have the alarm system running at all times. In order to ensure that, you also have the option to set your account to Auto Pay to avoid missing a payment. Remember that you can always log in to your account and see how much of your plan you’ve used with our real-time dashboard.

All Connected Devices are Welcome

US Mobile offers plans for any and all security systems and alarms that use SIM cards. If you have other connected devices in your home, or if you’re looking for new wireless phone service, visit our Plans Page to see what you could be saving today.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our Alarm Page.