Using Machine Learning to Lower Phone Bills

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Machine Learning

“US Mobile Helps Customers Better Manage Their Phone Plans Via Machine Learning” is the headline Wirefly used when covering how we use AI to lower our customers’ cell phone bills.

As mentioned many times before, we don’t believe in the industry-wide, one-size-fits-all approach of unlimited plans where users end up paying for bigger plans than they actually need. Instead, our customers can customize your plan to individual needs, which they can change throughout the month by looking at their usage on a real-time dashboard.

It doesn’t stop there, though; As a next step, we use machine learning to analyze usage across the proprietary platform. The technology allows us to gather data seamlessly, analyze it, and from there, personalized opportunities get pinpointed to provide customer savings. We’ve basically created an artificially intelligent engine whose only job is to look for ways to keep more cash in users’ pockets.

Using Machine Learning to Lower Phone Bills

This isn’t the first time (and definitely not the last time) we’ve covered how you can Save with US Mobile. We recently wrote a post on how to How to Cut your Cell Phone Bill by 80%, so check it out to maximize your savings.

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