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You can now get any US Mobile plan without a physical SIM card, and all you need is an eSIM-compatible device.

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How does eSIM activation work?

Connecting with an eSIM is quick and easy.

Check your phone
Step 1

Check your phone

Confirm that your phone will work with eSIM. Full list here!

Buy a plan
Step 2

Buy a plan!

Set-up your account and select your plan.

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Step 3

Scan and go!

Scan the eSIM QR code and activate instantly.

Ready to start?

Get set-up and running in just 2 minutes.

How to activate eSIM

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How to activate eSIM on Pixel?

How to activate eSIM on iPhone?

How to activate eSIM on Samsung?

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No Stress!
We got a risk free trial

We’re so confident that we’ll give you 30 days free and up to $100 in prepaid cards when you bring your number.
No commitment. Get your free trial started in minutes with eSIM activation.

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International Plans?

Instant high-speed data abroad. For free & local rates in 150 countries!

We’ll make connectivity the easiest part of your trip—data works as soon as you land and you’ll never have to carry more than one SIM, or pay extra anywhere in the world.
US Mobile customers with Unlimited All plans or Unlimited Bundles get up to 10GB of data abroad for free.

What you can do with eSIM

It’s the little things that are a big deal.

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America's best networks

Talk, text & use data on the best LTE & 5G networks in the US.

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Two numbers, one phone

One number for business, another one for personal calls on the same phone.

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Seamless, instant connectivity

Connect to two networks at the same time on Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) phones.

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Envision a world ...

... where you can scan a code and instantly connect your phone, watch, drone, or grandma’s iPad from across the country.

What streaming did to music

eSIMs are the newest revolution in telecom, as significant as streaming was to music. In fact, the impact eSIMs make will be more dramatic because connectivity is more ubiquitous in our lives—our phones, cars, security systems, wearables, laptops, and more.

A new way to connect

Imagine replacing the SIMs in the devices you have now—the ones in the dash of your car, the wire-free camera on the roof, the humidity sensors in the basement and attic, and the four iPhones and the tablets your family needs. Imagine doing that with 10X more devices. As the density of devices explodes with more people tapping into the bandwidth of 5G, the current way of connecting devices with physical SIMS will simply become incompatible with that future.

eSIMs will make connecting simpler, and also offer features that we have never seen before—like being able to switch plans instantly, getting live-at-arrival connectivity when traveling abroad, or intelligently shifting between networks. This will spark new ecosystems and services that will transform the way we live and work.

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An entirely new way to connect

No more plastic. No more waiting for the mail. Instant setup with a scan.

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