I Received My New US Mobile SIM Card. What’s Next?

Welcome to US Mobile! You’re only a few quick steps away from activating your SIM card and savings tons of $$$ every month.

First please go to the Activate SIM page and choose one of the following two options:
  1. New Number: Want a new phone number? Go ahead and enter your account information, SIM ICCID and zip code. This helps us figure out the appropriate area code for your new number.
  2. Keep My Number: Bring your number over from your previous carrier by entering the account information for your current carrier.
    1. Enter your existing phone number that you would like to port to US Mobile. Porting may take 24 hours to complete

Both the New Number and Keep My Number option are free. However, we are not able to give you a specific new phone number as the process is all random.

Now that your SIM is activated, go ahead and choose one of our plans. You can choose from any combination of talk, text, or data options. Remember, you can always top up on minutes, texts, or data at any time.  Even better you can set up AutoPay form your dashboard so you’re never without service!

Finally, you can learn how to set up your voicemail here, and learn how to configure your phone for MMS messaging here.

If you have any questions throughout this process or would like to change you phone number, our customer service team is here to help  24/7. Contact us at  help@usmobile.com, by calling 1-888-878-1488, or chatting via the chat box. We are here to help!

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  1. Bob Kentwortz Bob Kentwortz

    I have two questions I’d like answered:
    I just got 3 SIM cards, one for each of my family members. Can we select our own phone number from what you have available from our area? For one of our cards, we’d like to port a number from an existing service; is there a fee?

    1. At the moment choosing number is something don’t offer. The new numbers are generated randomly and the area code depends on the zip code we have on file.

      As for porting, yes you can definitely port in by logging into your account, go to activation page and select keep my number option. Once you fill in the required information, the port request will be submitted. Takes about 24 to 48 hours to complete depending on the previous carrier. There is no fee 🙂

  2. May May

    I do not like the phone number assigned to me when I activated my SIM Card. Can I choose a different number or be assigned a different number ? Thanks

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