Activating a US Mobile SIM Card

Activating your SIM card is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. We’ll walk you through each step in the video and written instructions below:

  1. Create, or sign in, to your US Mobile account.
  2. Pick the network you’d like to use. You can read about the difference in networks here.
  3. Enter the SIM card number
  4. Pick a new number, or let us know which number you’d like to keep
  5. Build a plan that fits your needs.
  6. Fill in your billing information and preferences, and submit.

If you got a new number, you can insert the US Mobile SIM card into your device and start using it right away. If you’re porting a number, we’ll email you when your number is ready to use.

If you need help along the way, you can reach us right away on any page via the chat button in the bottom right corner or by calling us.

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  1. John John

    Hello SIM card is installed-Account is activated-No calls will go thru since Monday-Repeated tried to call or e-mail for help-Where is the help? JC 2/2/16

  2. Samuel Samuel

    Can I activate a sim card that was previously used approximately a year ago. Or should I order a new one? Thank you.

    1. Hey Samuel,
      Thanks for getting in touch, can you drop us a line at [email protected]? We’ll be able to assist you better with this, you might not need to order a new one 🙂

  3. Geraldine Jones Geraldine Jones

    New slim smart watch for child have number yet paid 26:00 for it to work,not

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