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  1. I have a Free mobile phone and very grateful it. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I have a Kyocera flip phone. Because of the MS I rarely text. Actually I text only if I’m forced to! Because of the small keyboard , and dimming eye sight and lack of co-ordination, texting is too frustrating. I usually tell people to e-mail me instead of texting, The 250 free text time is wasted for me. I get frustrated when I make a call and get put on hold. or get the “All our operators are busy right now” message. I am writing this using an On-screen Keyboard . I understand this “free” phone is not free. This is is a government sponsored program . I think it is wrong for this phone to have such a limited choice selection. And are you being compensated for those for those text minutes I’m not able to use? And why are the phones you provide so handicapped unfriendly? These are some things for you to consider. I just rated your survey at 5 for those reasons listed above. With today’s technology you could offer a much better phone that would give you the same profit margin. Do what I was told, go to Walmart buy a phone, and then register it with the program I am in. If I could afford to do that I would not be in need of this program .Your company can buy cheaper than the man on the street.Give that a thought also. The flip phones are not a smart choice for the elderly or handicapped.

    1. I wasnt able to look up your account in our data base. May I know where did you get the phone from? Also your number so I can look at your account details please?

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