Buying a New Phone

Looking for a new phone? Ready for the freedom that having an unlocked phone brings? US Mobile offers a wide range of new and unlocked devices – from basic phones to smartphones to tablets – in our store.

Buying an unlocked phone may appear to cost more up front, but keep in mind that if you were locked into a contract, you probably paid 1.5-2x the actual cost of the device over the term of your two-year contract. Even if you paid on monthly installments, or purchased a $600 device for only $200 up-front, you likely paid more than the full ticket price over the contract period. It’s how major carriers make a profit!

By purchasing an unlocked phone combined with the monthly savings you’ll enjoy from using US Mobile, expect to save over the course of the next two years.

Check this out for more details on what your phone needs to work on US Mobile.

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