Call Blocking

Call blocking is the ability to block specific numbers from calling you.

How to Block Calls

To Block Calls here are a few things you can do
  1. Register for the National Do Not Call Registry
  2. On your phone
    • iPhone
      1. Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked > Add New
      2. Enter the number you want to block
    • Android
      1. Menu > Blocked Contacts > Add a Number
      2. Enter the number you want to block
Each phone is slightly different when it comes to call blocking. For some phones, you will be able to use the native call blocking applications. For others, you may need to install a 3rd party application. This article does a good job of describing some of the options available for call blocking.

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  1. Sophie Sophie

    How can you block someone from leaving you a voicemail message? I have blocked a number, but they’re still able to leave me voicemail messages. I have an iPhone 5c

    1. US Mobile is unable to block any specific number for anyone at the moment. At the moment, the only method I am aware of is provided here. To inquire about blocking voicemail from specific number, you may need to contact Apple support.

  2. Sally Sally

    How do you delete a voicemail? I can’t seem to block it and I’m not going to listen to it. It keeps popping up every time I turn on my phone. I’d love to delete it or even better, to block it.

    1. Hi Sally,

      After playing back the message in question, press 7 to delete it. That will put an end to the recurrent notifications. Keep in mind that a deleted voicemail cannot be recovered.

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