Can I bring my device to US Mobile?

Unlocked GSM-based devices can be used with US Mobile.

Unlocked AT&T devices, or unlocked devices from any other GSM carrier, will work with talk, text, and edge (2G) data. A limited number of unlocked AT&T devices may be compatible for 4G and LTE services on US Mobile. Please contact us if you have questions about whether your device falls into this category.

Some newer Verizon devices, specifically products from the Verizon Global Phone catalog, may work with US Mobile service. A Global Phone is built with both CDMA and one or more of the following technologies: Dual Band GSM, Quad Band GSM, or UMTS capabilities. The best way to determine whether your Verizon device is compatible is to check the specs on the Verizon website and match them with US Mobile’s compatibility requirements.

If you have questions about bringing your current device to US Mobile, send us an email.

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    1. Yes it should as long as its not in contract or there is no payment remaining on it with T-Mobile

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