Can I Change My Plan in the Middle of the Month?

Your base plan can be changed when you are in the process of paying for your next month of coverage. To change your base plan and pay for the coming month, sign in to your account, and click on the blue “Pay Bill” button (or “Pay My Plan Earlier” if Auto Pay is enabled). You will see the matrix of talk, text, and data options appear (just like at sign-up).

Your current base plan options will be highlighted. If you want to change your plan, simply click on the talk, text, and data buckets that you would like to use moving forward, and select “Continue” at the bottom of the page. Once you complete the checkout, your new base plan will go into effect with the start of the new billing cycle.

Base plans cannot be changed mid-billing cycle and minutes, messages, and data cannot be subtracted. If you’d like to add more talk, text, or data, head over to your account dashboard and add more as needed.

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  1. Rupert

    How much does it cost to add talk, text, or data during the month?

    1. You can view the rates for US Mobile plans here. Talk plan adds minutes to your account and text plan adds text messages. Every 59 seconds of incoming or outgoing call drops 1 minute from your remaining balance. Same goes for the text plan, every incoming or outgoing text drops one text from your remaining balance.

      Data totally depends on how much you use, such as streaming videos takes more data than using texting apps.

  2. Robert

    Does the 100 minute monthly plan offer call forwarding option from US Mobil to another phone (landline or cellular) network? If so, is there another charge to add that call forwardig option?

    1. Unfortunately not, at the moment we are not offering call forwarding. It is however on our development road map and will be added in the future. We will definitely announce it once available.

  3. JoAnne Phillips

    Can I make WiFi calls on this plan? I have excellent WiFi in my home and would use it for most of my calls and other needs if possible.

    1. Unfortunately, we aren’t currently providing the facility of WiFi calling. This is something that’s on your development roadmap.

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