Text Messaging

Text messaging is available as a standalone product and as a part of any combination of US Mobile services. You are billed for both incoming and outgoing text messages.
Note that at anytime if you feel that you are running low on texts, you can top-up via the user dashboard. Also, text messaging can be disabled within the Settings tab on your phone.
Since iMessages use data they are counted to your data limit and not your text messages. If you are looking for information on how to configure MMS or your APN Settings please consult the respective links.


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  1. Vijay Vijay

    Why don’t you count each text message as a minute of talk time? Then customers can receive text messages even if they don’t have texts included in the plan. This will help those customers who never text but may still receive an occasional text.

    1. Hi Ajay,

      Thank you for writing. This won’t be possible from a technical standpoint i’m afraid. You can get as low as a 100 texts for $2 on your account so you won’t miss out on any texts received or sent on your line. Your talk minutes will always get accounted for against your talk plan, you will need an active text plans on your line in order to send / receive texts.


  2. Bernhard Strasser Bernhard Strasser

    How can I prevent spam texts using up all my text message plan? I get tons of messages from unknown numbers, even though I gave my number to nobody. Why do you charge ingoing messages? This is very annoying since I cannot prevent anyone from e.g. sending me 300 messages and thus eating my whole text plan.

  3. Wayne d Sigler Wayne d Sigler

    Is there any way to forward a text message? If not, why? This seems to be a common feature in other services.

    1. Hey Wayne,

      Thanks for getting in touch, we’re working on adding more features all the time. Thank you for your suggestion we’ll escalate it accordingly. Have a good one!

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