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  1. Andre Andre

    Could I and how can I upgrade/downgrade existing plan (e.g. increase data limit) to have this changes permanent from the next billing cycle?

    1. Yes any changes you make during paying for the next month (by clicking pay next bill on your online dashboard) or via Auto Pay affect your next month plans. Changing existing plan is not offered at the moment.

  2. Elaine Elaine

    How much does a top-up cost? Is it the same rate as the plan, or a different amount?

  3. Facundo Facundo

    I have the same question as Elaine, which wasn’t really answered: Are the top-up rates the same as the rates when creating a new plan or are they different? Where can I look them up? Thanks!

    1. Hey Facundo,

      Thanks for getting int ouch and to answer your question, the add-ons are the same prices as the plans i.e. $3 for 100 minutes, $2 for 100 text messages etc. 🙂

  4. T T

    It would be super useful to be able to set top-up’s to automatic. This way we wouldn’t have to worry about suddenly losing service if we run out of texts or minutes!

    1. We absolutely understand this and are working towards providing a solution to this on our Super LTE network relatively soon. If you do have any further questions, you’re always welcome to get in touch via [email protected] 🙂

  5. PW PW

    So if I top up and give it some amount, what if I don’t use it up by month end? Do I lose it?

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