How Am I Billed for Talk Time and Text Messages?

US Mobile calls, like calls on all phone companies, are billed by the minute. For example, if you speak on the phone for 20 seconds or for 50 seconds, you will be billed for 1 minute. Calls that go to your voicemail are not considered billable, but the calls you make to your voicemail are billable.
For texts,  you are billed for both incoming and outgoing text messages.
Note that at anytime if you feel that you are running low on texts, minutes, or data, you can top-up via the user dashboard.


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  1. joe joe

    How do I know how much time I have used up at any time during the month?

    1. Joe,

      You can email us with your usage report request at along with the plan and time frame (to and from period) and once we log your request in our system, it will be uploaded on your dashboard within 24 hours.

    1. Eliana,

      We charge both ways for talk and text i.e outgoing and incoming. When some one will call you, it will be deducted from your talk plan.

  2. John Smoth John Smoth

    “For texts, you are billed for both incoming and outgoing text messages.”
    It basically means I am screwed if someone decides to trolls me with hordes of text messages?

    1. Alexandra Jones Alexandra Jones

      I hate this practice. It’s so unfair – I’m from Europe and they only charge a person for the calls or texts that person initiates, rather than the phone companies charging for both incoming and outgoing. So not cool.

      1. John,

        This is the popular practice in Northern America. Almost all of the major carriers charge for both incoming and outgoing. For further details, drop us a line at

  3. Tara Tara

    Since MMS are data required, do they count against your texting plan?

    1. Tara, MMS only consumes your data bucket, however, group messages requires both text and data provisioned to your account.

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