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  1. Thomas Seaman Thomas Seaman

    How about providing an Android/IOS dashboard app that would display my account balances and allow me to add minutes/text/data just like online. To me this would be more helpful and easier than having to open my browser and sign in every time I want to see my balance. You mention a text message option to get my balance. However, if based on what it shows me, I decide I need to add minutes/test/data, I still have to then login online to do it.

    1. Hey Thomas,

      Thank you for the great suggestion, we’re actually working towards something similar that would allow you to do this 🙂 Stay tuned and thank you!

      1. Gary Cooper Gary Cooper

        Search for usmobile on your phone. On the log on page click the three dots on the top right. Click add to home screen
        Exit out of your browser and go to your phone home page. Look for usmobile and click it. You now have access to usmobile from your phone just like on your computer.

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