How Does Monthly Billing Work?

You can pay your monthly bill by signing in to your US Mobile account to view your online dashboard, Balance Due, and the Due Date for your bill. Click on Pay Bill, and you will be good to go!

Feel free to set up automatic payments through Auto Pay. That means one less thing to remember each month!

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  1. Morrison Morrison

    I am about to become a new client. I will be activating my sim card/plan on the 15th of this month. On your website under FAQS “How does monthly billing work?” I find the answer to be quite vague. More information as to when the billing cycle starts would be appreciated. Does it start the day you activate? Or does it start at the beginning of each month and your account is prorated?! Thanks in advance!

  2. I understand needing a credit card to buy the sim. However, are there any places that will accept payment for usmobile? I prefer to NOT pay with a credit card and instead pay with cash. Can this be done?

    1. Unfortunately not, at the moment the only method of payment is through credit/debit cards.

    2. guess whoo guess whoo

      My solution for your concern (as is mine, — the InterNet is certainly not safe for monetery transactions as evidenced by all the ever increasing cyber-crime that is transpiring), is to use a credit limited credit card for InterNet transactions, and to **ONLY** use that one card for a specific InterNet account. In that manner, if your card gets hacked, the theives can’t rob you too much.
      Best Regards – Engineer

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