How Long is My Plan Valid for?

All base plans operate on a 30 day billing cycle. For example, your base plan purchased on January 1 will expire on January 31st. All add ons carry a separate 30 day validity from date of purchase. So, any add ons purchased on January 15 will extend through the base plan billing cycle and expire on February 14.

Sign in to your account to see when your billing cycle ends.

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  1. Kellie Foster

    Does my minutes rollover from one month to the next? I’m thinking of topping off my account and i don’t want to pay to top up and then have my minutes taken away at the new billing cycle.

    1. Once your billing period reaches its expiry, the remaining balance expires.

      For top ups, if you top up in the middle of your billing month, the top up will roll over with the next billing month until it reaches its own validity of 30 days. In short, every plan has a validity of 30 days and expires after that.

  2. Lars Dennert

    Do the top ups get used before the new plan? Otherwise, by the time you need them, the top up from last month is gone. In other words, does everything get used in the order purchased?

    1. Hi Lars,

      You are correct. All plans are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase and they are consumed in order they were purchased. First in First out.

      Thank You

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