I’m Having Coverage Issues, What Should I Do?

Check our coverage map to make sure you’re located in a US Mobile coverage area. Your phone may experience difficulties connecting with the towers transmitters for various different reasons, so please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any and all coverage issues by dialing 611 on your phone, help@usmobile.com or via the chat box. Our customer support team answers calls within 20 seconds, emails within 10 minutes, and chat conversations from our website within 5 seconds.

*Please note that as per all carriers, we cannot assure complete connectivity when it comes to indoor penetration. (Essentially no one can truly guarantee they can reach into your building or home.)

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  1. Alex B. Alex B.

    I just got 3 new SIM cards. NONE of them are working with the 3 different phones we tried. Tech support said they are running on the T-Mobile network, but funny thing is that we have used before with no issue on Tmo. What the heck? So, right now we have been unable to make more than a handful of spotty calls that dropped after a few minutes. Very disappointed.

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