Problems Sending MMS

Please follow the steps outlined here to configure your device for cellular data and MMS. If you’ve tried doing that and it is still not working:

  • Make sure you have sufficient balance for texts and data
  • Check to see if your phone’s cellular data is enabled, and WiFi is turned off.
  • Ensure that the the attachment doesn’t exceed 1 MB in size for GSM, or 1200 KB for Super LTE
  • On iOS, make sure that Send as SMS is toggled ON under Settings > Messages.
  • On Android, try using the phone’s default texting application and remove any extra APN Profiles under Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

If you’re still having trouble reach out to us and we’ll walk through it with you.

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    1. You should be able to use MMS on iPhone as well. Just make sure the iMessage feature is OFF. APN settings are all set and mobile data is on as MMS can’t be sent over WiFi.

  1. Alicia Alicia

    The APN setting configuration instructions are not comprehensive enough for all phones and operating systems. I am using Android 6.0, and my data worked when I entered the provided settings, but MMS would not work until I added “mms” under APN type. I would recommend that anyone who is having this problem try that!

  2. Deb Wright Deb Wright

    It’s been 8 months since the previous question about iphone MMS being available. It doesn’t work for me in any scenario (iMessage off, APN settings as directed, mobile data on, etc.). Any idea when MMS will be fully supported on the iPhone?

  3. Emma Emma

    Is there another way to receive group messages without turning off the wifi every time I feel like getting a group message (seems a little inconvenient to me…). Also I don’t want to turn off my iMessage feature in order to receive these messages as I do have friends overseas whom I can’t reach otherwise… So is there a way without turning off all these features?

    1. Hi, Emma. As you might know, group messaging work over cellular data only and that is why you are required to switch off Wi-Fi. However, Apple has introduced a feature, not too long ago, which allows users to set up auto network switching. You can contact Apple for further information on this feature. Once you have it turned on we’re pretty hopeful that you will not have to keep on switching anymore. You can always get back to us via call, chat or email as our support is available 24/7.

      CS Team

  4. Ella Cox Ella Cox

    Hi there,

    When I try and send text messages it says Unable to send message – message blocking is active. However, I checked by settings and it doesn’t seem to be. Since I moved to US Mobile I haven’t been able to send texts. What can I do to fix this?


  5. Cathleen Cathleen

    When I first started using US Mobile in September 2017, group messaging with iphone and non-iphone devices worked great! The only annoying part was that I got dinged both for data and text in my plan. That’s okay, I guess. But I upgraded to the latest iOS in October 2017 and it stopped working! US Mobile customer service via the chat say that they haven’t had issues with other iphone users from a “network” standpoint. I guess I care less about what the standpoint is, I really would like to get group messaging working again. US Mobile customer service reps are always so nice, I would love to stay with them, but I moved to US Mobile solely because my previous MVNO didn’t support MMS on iphones!

    1. Cathleen Cathleen

      This is a follow up to my comment about 1/2 an hour ago.. If moderators want to delete the original comment, that is fine, too. But if not, please add this to it. We got my group texting working! I can have both imessaging and wifi on, and as long as data is on, the group messaging works. There was an error in the MMSC setting. I fixed that, restarted my phone, turned imessaging off and back on, and it group texting with non-iphones was a go!

      1. We’re glad that the issue has been resolved, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any issues 🙂 We’re always happy to help! Have a good one!

        1. Hi Helen,

          In Cathleen’s case, the fix was correcting the MMSC to and keeping the cellular data enabled, as the phone uses data to properly convert texts to group messages. Please feel free to use live chat on to seek assistance with this or any other problems you may be facing. Thank you!

    2. We’re glad that the issue has been resolved, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any issues 🙂 We’re always happy to help! Have a good one!

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