What Happens If I Don’t Add Funds to My Plan Within 45 Days of My Billing Cycle?

When you enable Auto Pay, we will automatically charge the card on file for the upcoming billing cycle.

If we are unable to charge your account, US Mobile temporarily suspends the line until payment is made. You will be unable to make calls, texts, or use data at this time. US Mobile permanently disconnects the line after 45 days that the bill goes unpaid and the line remains inactive. Please make sure to pay your minimum monthly bill if you want to keep the line active.

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  1. wtg13

    When the line is suspended and paid after 10 days, will the new plan have a 30 day validity from the date of payment?

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your question. Yes, your billing cycle starts as soon as you pay your bill.

  2. ypark910

    I occasionally go a long-term foreign travel (sometimes longer than 3-4 months),
    and during my travel period, I don’t need to keep the plan active but only want to keep my number
    in US mobile so that I can restore my service when I come back to US.
    In this case, what’s the best way to maintain my number?
    Do you allow a suspension of service for certain months?

    1. US Mobile number gets deactivated/disconnected from the network in case you don’t add anything to your account for 45 days. The best way to keep your number active is to turn on Autopay without selecting any plan/s. This way you would only pay $2.00 (Monthly Service Charges) to keep your number alive and breathing 🙂

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