Does US Mobile Rollover Minutes, Text, or Data?

Unused talk, text, and data from your base plan do not roll over to your next billing cycle.

Unused minutes, texts, and data from Top Ups do roll over to your next billing cycle. The way they roll over depends on the network you are on.

On our GSM LTE Network, minutes, texts, and data from Top Ups last 30 days from the date they were added to your line, regardless of when the base plan ends. Keep in mind, that you do need an active line (with a base plan) to have service and be able to use the unused minutes, texts, or data from Top Ups.

On our Super LTE Network, minutes, texts, and data from Top Ups roll over into the next billing cycle’s base plan as long as AutoPay is enabled. This means that your line has to have a base plan with minutes for unused minutes from the Top Up to roll over in to, a base plan with texts for the unused texts from the Top Up to roll over in, and a base plan with data for the unused data from the Top Up to roll over in to.

If you have any questions about adding Top Ups to your account feel free to contact us at  [email protected], by dialing 611 on your US Mobile phone, or chat with us. We are here to help!

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  1. Charles Charles

    Maybe i am mistaken however when i first signed up about a year ago I believe your policy was you are only billed for the data you use and any unused data was not charged against you. Now im interested in purchasing data however i can’t find anything about this. Was this the policy previously and if it was is it still in effect?

    1. Charles,

      You do pay for the plans you use, however, our services are prepaid so you purchase the plans first and consume them for thirty days to come. After thirty days, the plans will expire ad will not roll over to the next billing cycle. For further details, drop us a line at [email protected]

      Thank you!

  2. Dan Dan

    “On our Super LTE Network, minutes, texts, and data from Top Ups roll over into the next billing cycle’s base plan as long as AutoPay is enabled.”

    This would indicate that on SuperLTE, assuming autopay is set up along with a monthly data purchase, a top up will roll over indefinitely, as the check on the above criteria would be performed monthly. Today I learned, per support, that top ups roll over into the next billing cycle ONCE.

    This kills my plan to add a couple gigs of data, throw the phone in a glovebox, and forget about it.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Only top-ups rollover rollover, the base plan doesn’t. For a top-up to rollover indefinitely, it would need to remain a top-up, but what actually happens is the remaining amount of the top-up gets added to the new base plan and thus becomes indistinguishable from the base plan i.e it no longer appears as a top-up. For this reason, the top-up only rolls over into the immediate next billing cycle and not after that. Thank you for understanding.

      1. Niet Niet

        There should be a policy change for Super LTE then. Allow 3 or 6 months of indefinite rollover data for AutoPay accounts.

        1. Thank you for your suggestion, it is greatly appreciated, here at US Mobile we are always looking to improve our services and bring new features for our customers.

      2. Me Me

        Huh?? So, does my account get credited for the top up data/minutes/texts it leeched over to my autopay plan? You’re saying my top up is used to fulfill my autopay data plan? That makes zero sense, unless you are really saying that top ups do not rollover…? I might as well go back to PagePlusCellular. I left them because I couldn’t “top up” my data unless I had already purchased way more data than I could use monthly. My data usage is sporadic, so I don’t need a billion gigs of data every month, I just need enough to keep my “stupid” iPhone running with it’s data leeching during texting…ever run out of data and then try to text with an iPhone? It should work but it doesn’t, even if I’m in WiFi. Does anyone who works at USMobile actually use USMobile, or tried to use all of the different options that are offered? I’m guessing everyone gets free unlimited plans for working there???

        1. Hi there,

          US Mobile does offer the flexibility to purchase addons as required and if you have autopay enabled, the addon does roll over and get added to the base plan for our Super LTE network. On the GSM LTE network, all addons purchased are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. We would be happy to clarify this further, just reach us out via live chat on our website, email or call us at (878)205-0088.

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