Does US Mobile Rollover Minutes, Text, or Data?

No. Unused talk, text, and data from your base plan do not roll over to your next billing cycle.

However, all add ons carry a 30 day validity from date of purchase. For example, your base plan purchased on January 1 will expire on January 31st.  Any add ons purchased on January 15 will extend through the base plan billing cycle and expire on February 14.

Sign in to your account to see when your billing cycle ends.

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  1. Charles Charles

    Maybe i am mistaken however when i first signed up about a year ago I believe your policy was you are only billed for the data you use and any unused data was not charged against you. Now im interested in purchasing data however i can’t find anything about this. Was this the policy previously and if it was is it still in effect?

    1. Charles,

      You do pay for the plans you use, however, our services are prepaid so you purchase the plans first and consume them for thirty days to come. After thirty days, the plans will expire ad will not roll over to the next billing cycle. For further details, drop us a line at

      Thank you!

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