What Do I Do If I Run Out of Talk, Text, or Data In The Middle of The Month?

If you ever use more minutes, text or data than you expected you can always add Top Ups. You can add Talk, Text or Data Top Ups by going to your Dashboard, clicking on the line you want to add Top Ups to and then clicking Add More under the line usage overview . Choose the add on amount of minutes, messages, or data, then click Buy Addons, followed by Confirmation.

There are no fees for adding Top Ups to your account, nor is there any limit to the number of times you can add Top Ups in a billing cycle. What’s more, these Top Ups are eligible for rollover, as described here.

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  1. Tridhara Tridhara

    If I buy minutes/texts in the middle of my cycle, how long will they last?

    1. Any addons that you purchase during the middle of the billing cycle last for the next 30 days. This means they will roll-over with your next billing cycle until they hit their own validity of 30 days and then expire.

  2. Chuck Lesker Chuck Lesker

    That reply didn’t answer the question. The question is, what are overage fees? For example, as part of the subscription, 250MB is $5; but as an add-on, is it $50? There is no information on this anywhere on your pages

    1. The price for both monthly plans and addons are the same, in both cases 250 MB would cost $5.00 and there are no overage charges. Once 250 MB is used up, the data plan simply expires and the data service stops working.

  3. Chuck Lesker Chuck Lesker

    sorry, my comment magically appeared in the wrong thread

  4. Rick H Rick H

    If a data top-up rolls over to the next billing cycle with its own 30-day expiration, in what order is data charged during the next billing cycle? Does it come off the next-billing cycle’s data allotment first, then the top-up allotment or visa-versa?

    If the top-up allotment isn’t used until after next billing cycle’s allotment, then the rollover feature is worthless because it won’t be used unless you run out of data for the next billing cycle and the top-up will expire before the end of the next billing cycle meaning that you will need to buy another top-up to have enough data to finish off the month. In this case, you should just say that the top-up doesn’t rollover because there is little difference and it is just deceptive marketing.

    1. Its always first in first out. Meaning the when a billing cycle starts, anything that rolls over from previous month would get consumed first and once its depleted or expired, the plans added with monthly bill will start getting consumed.

  5. Peter Peter

    What happens if I don’t notice that my data has been used up? Will the data quit working, or will I start to be charged per MB if I don’t go into my account and add $$$? If so, how much per MB?

    1. Once the data is all used up, this will simply stop working. This is best about US Mobile that we don’t charge anything to any of our subscriber without their permission. Same goes for talk and text.

  6. Bartel Bartel

    Not to beat a dead horse, but if I run out of talk minutes for the month, and I buy add-on minutes, are they activated immediately? (This is a problem I have with Selectel – I can buy my next month’s plan online, but if my minutes expired early, I have to reach them on the phone to activate it)

  7. RKE RKE

    If I’m away from home ad I run out of data, how can I top up without data access? Can I dial 611 and top up my data?

    1. Certainly you can dial 611 or +1(888) 878 1488 to speak to one of our Customer Support Representatives and we will be more than happy to assist you.

  8. Bob Bob

    So if I’m month-to-month and I run out of data, or my month’s worth of data expires and I don’t renew for say a month or two, can I simply log back into my account and add more data? I’ll be using the plan with a “part time” device…some months it will be used a lot, others not at all. For the stretches of months where I’ll be using the device a lot, I can see turning on auto-pay during those periods. Otherwise I plan to be month-to-month and add data as needed. Will that work?

    1. Bob,

      You have the liberty to purchase top ups from your dashboard any time you want, you can enable and disable auto pay any time you want, once disabled you can pay your bill manually as well.

  9. Roger Roger

    Can I go online to my account and top up my data or talk or text?

    1. Roger,

      You can login to your dashboard and purchase top ups for any plan, simply click add more under colorful circles, choose the plans and hit “activate top ups”.

  10. Matt Matt

    Can I top up a different amount of data than my original plan? For example, if I have 1GB data in my regular plan, but I want to top up only 100MB, is that possible? Or if I don’t have data in my regular plan, but I want to top up 100MB of data, is that possible?

    1. Matt,

      You should be top up any plan, any time you want. In your case, you can top up 100 MB ignoring the fact you have 1GB data, similarly, you can purchase data top up even if you never purchased it as part of your base plan.

    1. Hi John,

      Like with most of North American carriers, you do get charged for both incoming and outgoing calls/texts.

      Thank you!

  11. Ellen Ferguson Ellen Ferguson

    Where can I find a breakdown of my calls please? I would like To bill someone for the time I have spent on the phone for them.

    1. Hey Ellen,

      Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll sort this out for you, normally we upload usage reports on request. As soon as you drop us the dates for which you’d like the usage reports we’ll upload it to your account.

  12. Leetsr Leetsr

    A question. I just added 600 more text messages to my phone line, but LOST the 12 messages I still had from my regular plan. I thought I’d have 612 texts available now. Is that normal? When you buy more talk time, texts, or GB of data do you lose what you still have?

    1. Hey! 🙂 You do not lose the balance from your base plan on topping up, I’ve looked up your line and the base plan seems to have been consumed in full while the top-up is still active. If you have any more questions or concerns please reach out to us on live chat http://www.usmobile.com or write at [email protected]

  13. Serg Serg

    Do you guys have wifi calling? i cant seem to activate it in settings

    1. ‘WiFi Calling’ feature is currently not available on US Mobile. However we are planning to launch it very soon. Stay connected!

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