Is US Mobile a GSM carrier?

Yes, US Mobile operates on the GSM network (Global System for Mobiles). It’s easy to swap phones on GSM networks, because GSM carriers put customer information on a removable SIM card. If you take the card out, put it in a different phone, the new phone now has your number.

The other network is called CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and does not use SIM cards.

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  1. Alex Alex

    Will the sim card work in a mobile hotspot device that is NOT compatible with 700 MHz 4G LTE in the USA? Specifically the HUAWEI E5787Ph-67a (UNLOCKED) 4GX WIFI PRO TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY MODEM+DUAL ANTENNA PORT WT.

    If not, which device would be good for California coverage? Thanks.

    1. That device is not compatible with either of our networks. In any case please be advised that as per our terms at, our SIM cards may not be used in a modem, router, laptop, or other signal broadcasting device.

      Thank you for understanding. For further questions please use the live chat on our website or send an email to [email protected]

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