What if I Want to Leave US Mobile? How Do I Do it?

We don’t force you to stay using a nasty contract. We work very hard to make you want to stay. Where can we go the extra mile to make you want to stay? Just ask one of us.

If you’re still sure that you have to leave, all you need to do is disable the AutoPay and remove the US Mobile SIM card from your phone. Your service will end automatically at the expiration of the billing cycle and will stay that way unless you decide to renew it.

Although we are really sad to see you go we would appreciate your feedback. We are always working to make ourselves better. Let us know here.

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  1. K K

    Seriously?! The other carrier I’m switching to needs to know my account number, which I thought was my phone number, but apparently–according to them– it isn’t. How do I find out what the account number is to switch?

  2. Smith Smith

    If I again insert my Old sim this same phone, What then? Will my bill be cut in the next month?
    I’mean after inserting my old sim card.

    1. As long as you have auto pay turned off on your account and your next bill is not paid the service will stop working once the current billing cycle expires. You can switch sim cards anytime you like, it does not effect the billing of your account.

  3. Robert Simandl Robert Simandl

    If I cancel service my not auto-renewing, can I restart service at a later date by simply restarting auto-renew, or would I need a new SIM card? And do I need to remove the inactive SIM card while I’m not paying for service?

    1. If the number’s not been disconnected, you can simply renew the service on the same SIM card with the same number by signing into your account and making a payment. We recommend checking with customer support first to see if the number is still available. You should keep the inactive SIM in a safe place when you’re not using it, but we recommend ‘snoozing’ your account by configuring the AutoPay with just the service fee + minimal tax, instead of letting it expire to eliminate the risk of the number being disconnected.

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