What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service – essentially mobile messaging for pictures, sound and video clips.

US Mobile does offer MMS and most phones allow you to send and receive MMS messages. However, since MMS messages use an internet connection, you will need a data plan to send MMS messages and will not be able to send MMS messages via Wifi.

To configure your device to get MMS message check out this post.



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  1. Soul Lee Soul Lee

    What about receiving MMS messages?
    I have not been able to receive my friend’s MMS messages even with an internet (WIFI) connection.

    1. Soul,

      The APN settings need be configured properly, WiFi needs be turned off and the size of the file being sent should be under 1 MB. If all the aforesaid is in order, drop us a line at help@usmobile.com

      Thank you!

  2. TvE TvE

    I have SuperLTE and cannot receive MMS while a Wifi connection is active. It’s a total pain. Each time a friend sends me an MMS I have to disable Wifi, wait for the MMS to arrive, then not forget to re-enable Wifi. Why can’t US-mobile get this right?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for getting in touch, we weren’t able to pull up your account with your details, can you please drop us a line at help@usmobile.com so we can look further into this for you?


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