What payment methods does US Mobile accept?

US Mobile accepts credit and debit cards using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCP and Diner’s Club. Prepaid/gift cards and PayPal are not supported at this time.

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    1. Betty, I’m afraid paying through check is not an option for now. The only payment mode, for now, is through a Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover debit/credit card. We will be adding more payment methods in the future and will update the information on our website accordingly.

      Thank You

  1. Thom Thom

    That statement is not true. As a current US Mobile customer, I have my Visa debit card rejected each month because it is a prepaid card. You might want to add an asterisk to that statement otherwise it is a blatant lie.
    Keeping it real.

    1. Thom,

      Thank you for providing us with your feedback. Our team is already working one this, we are currently not accepting prepaid cards.

      1. Russell Maxwell Russell Maxwell

        I ordered your 3in1 sim-kit with a Pay-pal Prepaid card. Are you saying I can’t use that to buy minutes/data etc, with it now?

        1. We do not officially support prepaid cards as some do not support “recurring” transactions but you can attempt to purchase plans to confirm if your payment method works.

  2. Tim Grantham Tim Grantham

    Thom… Clearly states prepaid and gift cards not accepted.. Nor paypal… Like, in the same scentence, no asteriks needed.. Also, just spitballing here but you guys already have a merchant account with amazon.. Since you already accept payments for starter kits on amazon you could easily implement a bill pay or institute a form of refill cards/digital means.

    1. Afraid not. Only debit or credit cards, paid through your online account at usmobile.com

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