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Next generation speeds and coverage

No carrier has modernized connectivity like us. We're proud to give you the fastest, most feature-rich wireless experience in the United States.

Select the network your phone is on from the list below, and we can recommend the best network for it.

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Warp 5G

Reliable. Fast. Full of features.

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Works on all 4G LTE & 5G devices.

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Activate instantly!

Did you know you can activate instantly with an eSIM eligible device? Click here to check your device's eligibility.

You’ve heard of 5G but you haven’t heard of 5G like this.

5G can be confusing so we’ll keep it simple: our 5G is the real-deal with truly next-generation speeds, 10-times faster than you get on 4G LTE.
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Features that go beyond

Feature availability subject to plan selection.

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Blue icon of an airplane used to indicate international eSIM roaming data

International eSIM

Get data in international countries, plus, free talk and text to Canada.

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Warp speed 5G

Our 5G is game-changing, 10-times faster than 4G LTE.

Blue icon of a house used to indicate Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling

Stay connected with Wi-Fi calling, even in areas without reliable service.

Blue icon of a graph used to indicate prioritized data

Prioritized data

With priority data, you get served first, even during times of congestion.

Blue icon of a hotspot used to indicate mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspot

Easily share your data with other devices in the area!

Blue icon of a thunderbolt used to indicate instant eSIM activation

eSIM activation

Instant activation plus multiple lines all on one device.

Trust us, we've got you covered!

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Enjoy coast-to-coast connectivity

As a US Mobile customer you have access to one of two incredible networks that span every corner of the country.

Even if you get caught in spotty coverage, we offer Wi-Fi calling to allow you to stay connected wherever you can get access to internet.

Going somewhere?

We've got international data too!

Illustration of phone with US Mobile logo displaying the words 30 days free

Ready to get started?

We’re so confident that we’ll give you 30 days FREE and up to $100 in prepaid cards when you bring your number.

Have questions? Our 24/7 product specialists are here to help.

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At US Mobile, real people are here to help, any hour of the day. No more waiting in long lines or struggling through menus of options to get the assistance you may need.

You can chat with us or give us a call! We are happy to help with all issues no matter how big or small.
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You got questions, we got answers!