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US Mobile is proud to partner with Pinwheel in their mission to create a healthy relationship between children and technology. While we take care of the connectivity on two of the best networks in the country, Pinwheel offers a platform to manage your children’s digital experience - no social media, curated apps, contact safelist, and more!

Pinwheel Unlimited Plan

We’ve designed a plan that allows your children to get the most out of their Pinwheel experience. Our Pinwheel Unlimited Plan comes with unlimited talk & text as well as unlimited data on 5G or 4G LTE networks (depending on your phone type) with reduced speeds after 5GB. Better yet, you get the first month for free!

The Pinwheel plans offer the same affordability & flexibility that our customers love about US Mobile

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The Pinwheel plan is exclusive for Pinwheel phones and is not transferable to another device. Terms apply.

Why US Mobile?

Coverage on the fastest US networks

With US Mobile, you get coverage on the nation's two fastest LTE networks, without the hassle and complexity of going through a traditional carrier

Delightfully easy to use

The US Mobile connectivity experience completely changes the way people access and pay for connectivity. Our user-friendly experience lets customers and makers get creative with how they get connected.

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Lightning-fast personalized and interactive customer service that’s available 24/7 on chat, email and over the phone