Why US Mobile?

US Mobile is a dynamic cell phone service that lets you create the plan that fits your exact usage needs.

The US Mobile Difference

We realize that our customers have different usage habits and different service needs. Instead of offering a few expensive plans that bundle talk, text, data, and international calling together, US Mobile allows you to create a monthly base plan from scratch.

Our Rates

Setting up your base plan should be fun and easy! Our rates are structured to fit any user’s needs. Whether you’re a text-messaging fiend or a constant conversationalist, we have a tier that fits your needs.

Getting Started

To use US Mobile service, you need a US Mobile SIM card. The SIM card is what allows your phone to connect with US Mobile’s network. If you are interested in purchasing a US Mobile SIM card, please order one here.

If you’re not sure which SIM card to buy, feel free to visit our Help Center article, or send us a quick email with your phone model and name. We’re here to help!

Activating Your SIM

Activating your SIM card is easy and fast – we promise! It should take you under 5 minutes from start to finish.

Please visit https://www.usmobile.com/activate, and fill in each of the fields to activate your SIM card. Need a little bit more information about this page? Visit our step-by-step activation instructions on our Help Center.


When you switch to US Mobile, you can bring your number with you. During the SIM activation process, select “Keep My Number”.

Just fill in three extra fields, and we’ll do the rest. More information about porting to US Mobile is available here.

Stay Connected

Your usage habits and coverage needs may change. Your US Mobile service can change with you.

Topping Up

When you use up your talk, text, data, or international calling credit, log into your account and add more of each, as-needed. You save with US Mobile because we don’t charge overage fees.

If you need step-by-step instructions for topping up, you’ll find them here.

Sign In

Changing Plans & Monthly Billing

If you want to change your base plan, log into your account dashboard and visit the Billing view. When you click the blue “Pay Bill” button, you’ll see your current base plan options highlighted. To change your base plan, click on your new choices for talk, text, data, and international calling, and continue the checkout process.

US Mobile offers flexible, prepaid service on a monthly basis. So, you pay for the next month of coverage before it starts. Please note that any changes to your base plan will go into effect with the start of the next billing cycle.

Want to learn more? Click here.