How Does Auto Pay Work?

You can choose to put your account on Auto Pay to avoid missing payments and resultant gaps in service of talk, text and data. It allows you to set up automatic payments with your plans of choice using your credit or debit card. Once you sign up, we will automatically charge your debit or credit card 2 days before your current plan expires and the plans thus ordered would wait till the end of the billing cycle before going live.

You will still receive an invoice via email detailing all charges.

In order to activate Auto Pay, you need to:

  1. Sign in to your account in order to see your personal dashboard
  2. Click More Details under your phone number to be taken to the line page
  3. Click Auto Pay Settings on the left
  4. In the popover box, toggle the switch next to Activate it

  5. On the Configure Auto Pay screen, choose your payment plan. The matrix would already be pre-populated with the plan you’re currently using but feel free to change it before activating Auto Pay. Even with it activated you can upgrade and downgrade as you please.

  6. Click Update Auto Pay to save your changes, followed by Confirmation to confirm

You now have one thing less to remember every month!

You can modify your Auto Pay at any time by clicking on ‘Review My Plan’ or disable it by simply clicking the Auto Pay Settings button on the line page.

If an Auto Pay payment is declined, you will be notified on email and the Auto Pay will be turned off. You would have ample time in the next 2 days to log into your account, update the payment method if need be and renew the service manually by clicking ‘Renew My Plan’.

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  1. Boris Burtin Boris Burtin

    The auto pay switch is only on the dashboard page. The docs could state this a little more clearly.

    1. lotta lotta

      Thank you, Boris for providing us with that input! We’ve updated the post and we hope that it’s clearer now.

  2. George George

    I checked your web page regarding Auto-Pay, but found nothing regarding whether I could set the date when the auto payment is made or if USMobile sets the date and I have no choice when payment is made.

    1. George,

      Auto pay charges you two days before when your billing cycle is actually expiring, to ensure a seamless transition towards a new billing cycle. For instance, if your billing cycle is expiring on May 21, your auto pay will charge you somewhere around May 19.

  3. Travis Travis

    I don’t see an auto pay switch on my dashboard for the wifi plan. I hope that is a feature that will be implemented soon. Another desired feature is not having to re-link my device every month. A seamless process makes customers happy.

    1. Hi Travis,

      Currently the WiFi plan has to be renewed manually. Thanks for your suggestions and yes, these are being worked on 🙂

    1. Hi David,

      The auto pay orders your new plans 48 hours prior to the expiry of the current billing cycle, so you should make the changes before then.

  4. Stephen Stephen

    I use a budgeting app which relies on bills always being due on a particular day of the month, regardless of how many days are in the month. US Mobile sells 30-day plans only, so the due date varies slightly from month to month. Because of this, I cannot use autopay. The advantage to US Mobile is that their customers must buy 12.2 plans per year, which is not immediately apparent to most people. This results in a hidden increase of less than 1.5%. I would gladly pay 2% more for a fixed billing date. If they don’t want to change the prices, the could accomplish the same thing by shaving the service by 2%. A fixed billing date would benefit both US Mobile and their customers.

  5. Jeff Jeff

    Hmmm . . . Your example shows a $4 service fee being added to the monthly bill. Elsewhere you show a $2 service fee. You charge an extra $2 for autopay?

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