What is Data Throttling?

Data throttling has become a common practice among many cell phone carriers, as they move away from truly unlimited data plans.

Defining Data Throttling

Technical Definition: a reactive measure employed in communication networks to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion

What that means for the rest of us– cell phone carriers often slow your cellphone data to dial-up speeds once you go over your data bucket.

You have a 2.5GB internet plan and you’re streaming a YouTube video and everything is loading and working just fine, until all of a sudden all your watching is an endless loading wheel.

At US Mobile we don’t throttle your speeds on custom plans. When you buy a custom plan of 1GB, your speed will be uncapped from the first Megabyte at the beginning of your bill period all the way until your last Megabyte or the end of your bill period. If you reach your data limit, your data is shut off. However, you are always given the chance to top up your data plan for the next 30 days. This way if you think you’re going to go over your data this month you can add more data, without having to commit to a higher data plan every month.

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  1. wil wil

    is usmobile going to start accessing the verizon network

    1. We’re in the final stages of adding a new partner, the trial run is currently in process and should be adding new services relatively soon. 🙂 If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on [email protected]

  2. Just curious.. If a partner company, like verizons heavily regulated azz, was to ask you to throttle services and for some reason us mobile adopted that into their plans. Would i as an alreadyvalued customer have to deal with new restrictions or wohld it only affect people who became customers after the merge.. Just curious and side note…. Dont ever throttle data… Idk whaat kind of sick twisted sadistic f#@$ came up with ghat idea but thanks a bunch f tard

    1. Hi Tim!

      We don’t throttle data speeds on the custom plans available on both GSM and Super LTE and that will most likely never change. However on our unlimited plans your data speed will slow down past a certain threshold. This is done to minimize capacity issues and degradation in network performance. Please contact us via chat or call 1-878-205-0088 for further info.

        1. Hi Andy, with our unlimited data plans, you get 50 GB of high-speed data. If hotspot is added, 10 GB of hotspot data is included in the high-speed data allotment. After your high speed-data is used you will get speeds up to 1mbps. You can top-up with additional data to restore the speed to ludicrous. Any data left-over from the data top-up will rollover into the next billing cycle, so you’ll start the new month with 50 GB + remaining amount of top-up data.

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