Logging Into Your Account

Once your account is active, you can sign in using your email or phone number and password.

If you have not yet verified your account [i.e. you have not yet confirmed your email address using the email sent during the SIM activation or account creation process], sign in using your US Mobile phone number. Acceptable formats for entry are as follows: 5158889999 or (515) 888-9999. It’s important that you verify your email address so that US Mobile can contact you regarding personal account information if necessary.

If you have multiple SIM cards registered to the same account, any of those phone numbers will work to sign in.

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  1. Bonnie W. Bonnie W.

    When I create my plans for the first time with US Mobile, it asked for my card informant. Then charge me for it. My question is that I get a 30 days trail do that mean it don’t exists? Will I be charge for my next month bill. Since I did not get 30 days trail. I like my services, just try to understand my billing.

    1. Bonnie, all plans with US Mobile, they are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. For further clarity, please email us at [email protected] so we can look at your account details and guide you.

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