International Roaming Coverage

US Mobile does not offer international roaming coverage at this time. We run on the two largest and fastest nationwide networks in the US, so you can talk, text, browse and stream at remarkable speeds no matter where you are (in the US). You could read more about our networks here, or contact our 24/7 customer support for more details.

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  1. Yury Yury

    Are you considering to offer intl roaming in the nearest future?

    1. We do have plans to bring international roaming and its definitely on our roadmap. However, I wont be able to promise anything just yet about the time frame.

  2. Gennadii Gennadii

    Do you have any update regarding roaming? It seems to be pretty useful at least for nearest countries like Canada, Mexico.

    1. Hiya,

      We’re still working on getting something sorted out relatively soon. As soon as we do have an update you should see it on social media as well as our website =), we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

        1. With the Launch of our new Super LTE network, we would be bringing new services on board relatively soon 🙂 Please stay tuned.

          1. Kasper Kasper

            Any updates? I’d say relatively soon is juuust about now, 11 months later 😉

          2. Hey Kasper, I have good news. We’ll soon be adding roaming options for our customers. Currently in the market, the only way to get roaming is paying something ridiculous like $10/day, on top of the regular plans. We’ll be adding custom a la carte options that’ll make roaming affordable. Expected launch time time is end of Q1 2019. I think you’ll find them to be worth the wait. 🙂

          3. Chris Chris

            Any update on the roaming plans? The website still says early 2019. Thanks!

          4. We’re still working with our partners and hope to have international roaming ready by Q3 2019. Thank you for your patience!

          5. DAVE DAVE

            Hi, Q3 is here! any update on service abroad?

          6. Hi Dave,

            Unfortunately no update on the exact date it would be available yet but we are working on it
            You would see an announcement on the website once its ready 🙂

          7. Elias Ndaru Elias Ndaru

            Any updates here on international roaming?

          8. Don’t hold me to it, but probably by the end of the year. We’re taking extra time to make sure everything’s perfect and we fully meet your expectations.

  3. Otido Otido

    can user of US Mobile send/receive calls/sms from other countries?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Otido,

      US Mobile customers can receive international calls and send/receive international SMS as well. However, outgoing international calling tariff is being revised which is why it is currently unavailable – it would be up soon albeit.

  4. Curt Curt

    Hello. Is there any update on international roaming when traveling in Mexico or Canada? Thanks

    1. Hi Curt,

      We’re actively working to launch international roaming, however, it isn’t available as of yet but, nevertheless, it should be, soon. Stay tuned 🙂

      Thank you!

  5. Emma Emma

    I don’t seem to be able to receive international SMS, is it something to do with my settings? Thanks

  6. CK CK

    Is there a time frame to enable international roaming? I have been very happy with the US Mobile service but have trips coming up to Mexico and Canada and will need to switch to another provider if I am not able to get international roaming.

    1. Hi Curt!

      International roaming is on our developmental roadmap, but we don’t quite have a time frame for its launch. For further assistance please use the chat icon on the bottom right, and we shall be happy to advise you about your options.

  7. Fabiola Fabiola

    Any updates on international roaming? Mexico to be precise.

  8. Faiza Faiza

    What’s the update on International roaming looks like it’s been on the roadmap for over 2 years. I had to go overseas and change my phone and in order to activate some services I need to be able to get a text when I’m overseas but unable to do so.

  9. Robert Goldberg Robert Goldberg

    Do you support wifi calling and texting? Very important to me.

    1. Not yet, Robert, but we’re working on it. Don’t have a confirmed timeframe but keep an eye on our blog and press pages to stay updated.

  10. Dirk Bonebrake Dirk Bonebrake

    It’s now April, 2019, early 2Q 2019.
    What is the status of Canada coverage? Please reply with something more specific than ‘real soon now’.
    Thanks, DB

      1. mhorgan mhorgan

        Would love to have outgoing international calls sometime soon.

    1. You can receive calls from Canada, but not make them at this time. Additionally, if you’re on our GSM LTE network, you can send and receive text messages to Canada with your regular text plan.

  11. Michael Michael

    Is there an update on International Roaming?
    “” says “early 2019”, now it’s almost Q4

    1. Michael, we had hope to have international roaming launched earlier this year but it’s been pushed back slightly. While the details haven’t been finalized, international roaming plans will likely follow the same principles of flexibility and affordability as our custom plans.

        1. By the end of the year most likely. We’re sorry for the delay and really appreciate your patience.

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