Porting Your Number Out of US Mobile

We don’t force you to stay using a nasty contract. We work very hard to make you want to stay. Can we go an extra mile somewhere to make you want to stay. Just ask one of us.

If you’re still sure that you have to leave, ask the carrier you’re moving to for specific instructions. If you need your Account Number and PIN contact us, and we can provide that after we’ve verified that it is really you. We take that step as an extra step to protect your security.

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    1. Hey Amanda,

      The blue links are linked to the chat box, so if it’s not opening when you click them, you may wish to check if you have Javascript enabled on your web browser.

  1. I removed us mobile from my autopay and now you have shown up on my debit card.
    you can correct this. please DO.

    1. Hey Jack,

      Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will gladly get this sorted ASAP but we’re not able to find your account so can you please email us your phone number at [email protected]?

  2. y.w. y.w.

    can i port out and move over to an other carrier with my phone number at any time or there is a minimum amount of time that i must have service from us mobile before?


    1. Hi there,

      Being a contract free carrier, we do not force you to stay with US Mobile. Hence, you can port your number out any time you feel like.

  3. Krystal Krystal

    I have sent my account information to my future carrier to be ported out of US Mobile. That was two days ago. How long does it normally take?

    1. Mushriq Mushriq

      It should not take that long unless there was some incorrect information that the other carrier provided and we have to confirm those details with them.

  4. Danielle Danielle

    I want to port my number out but keep us mobile on a new number. How can I assign a new number to my us mobile acct/ sim after I port out my current number? Can I port in to us mobile one of my Google voice numbers? Thanks

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