What Plans Does US Mobile Offer?

The possibilities are endless with US Mobile’s Build Your Own custom plan matrix. Choose any combination of talk, text, data and international minutes that fits your individual needs or just choose a data, talk, or text only plan. All the plans are totally customizable to meet the needs of the customers. And since is no obligation to purchase any bucket plan, you only pay for what you consume; nothing extra.

What about overage?
Good news! There is no overage change with US-Mobile. You only pay for what you consume. Once the plans are fully consumed, the service related to that plan will be suspended until you purchase a top-up plan or when your next billing cycle kicks in when the bill is paid.

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  1. Daniel Daniel

    I love the flexibly of service US Mobile offers, but I really want international calling!! When will it be available? Please kick it into high gear. Thanks!

  2. Sebastian Sebastian

    If I just want voice and text but no data, can I choose that option (i.e., 0MB data)? Thanks!

    1. Sebastian,

      With US Mobile you have complete liberty to choose any one plan, you can customize it every 30 days. In your case you can purchase voice and text but no data.

  3. Dan Dan

    If I run out of text, or talk time is service shut off, or are overages charged? If overages are charged, at what rate per text and per minute.

    1. Dan, with US Mobile there are no overages. The moment your plan will be fully consumed your service for that plan would stop working, you can then purchase top ups to continue using the service without any additional service.

  4. iman iman

    what happened to international calling? is it something we can get in near future? the comment from 6 month ago says you are working on it

    1. Hey Iman,

      Sorry for the delay, we’re actually in the process of revising prices and getting improved quality for our valuable customers, as soon as we can, we’ll relaunch international direct calling 🙂

  5. Jessica Jessica

    Hi there. What’s the latest update on international calling availability?

    1. With our new Super LTE network on board , we should have some good news on that front very soon 🙂

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