Will I Lose My Number if I Stop Service?

You may lose your phone number after 30 days without US Mobile service. However, you can “snooze” your account using Auto Pay by not choosing any talk, text, or data. This means you can keep your number for just a $2/month service fee. Which is a great option if you are traveling out of the country for a couple of months, but don’t want to lose your number!

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  1. Aya Aya

    Where is this button??? It’s already Summer of 2016.

    1. Its available on your online dashboard. You should see the Auto Pay button. When selecting plans using Auto Pay, make sure you unselect all plans and the snooze mode will be activated for service charges only.

  2. LS LS

    If I “snooze” my account, will the SIM card remain active, or will I need a new SIM card when I return?

    1. LS,

      The purpose of snooze option is to keep the SIM card active by only paying the bare minimum fee. So yes, your number will remain active.

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