Best cell phone plans for seniors

US Mobile's cheap prepaid plans are perfect for seniors.

Whether you're looking for a basic phone plan for calling and texting or a plan with lots of data that lets you use apps and check the internet, staying connected is simple and affordable with US Mobile.

US Mobile offers plans that are flexible and affordable for seniors, and provides the same great coverage as the 2 largest networks in the country.

Image of a couple of senior people, using data on their tablet

Excellent coverage
and 24/7 customer service

24/7 customer service via phone, email or chat

It doesn’t matter if you’re a frequent caller or just want to use your phone for the occasional or emergency call, we have a plan for you.

Our average senior's phone plan is $15/mth

Instead of giving you unlimited data, talk & text and making you pay for it, we let you decide how you want to stay connected. And only pay for what you need. Nothing more. Our average elderly user saves $670 per year by switching networks. See how much you can save.

No hidden fees. No contracts.

We work very hard to make things as simple, and transparent as possible so that you want to stay. We don't need contracts to force you to stay

Reliable Coverage

US Mobile is powered by the largest and most dependable networks in the the US.

Best cell phones for seniors

Whether you need a basic cell phone for just talking and texting or an easy-to-use smart phone for using apps, emailing, video-calling or the internet you can find the perfect phones for elderly people in your family.


Warp Speed 5G

Get up to 3 Gbps using premium data!

See a live speed test


Save big by building your own plan from $4/month

Build your plans

Bring your device

99% of devices will work with US Mobile

Or get a new phone