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Cheap & easy onboarding, fully customizable plans, and developer-friendly APIs enable companies to get up and running quickly. Even with limited budgets.

Cellular IoT Plan Pricing
Cellular IOT Device Dashboard

Real-time dashboard

Monitor connectivity, analyze usage, and control devices through our IoT dashboard.

Restful API for IoT platform

On demand & scalable

Our APIs , flexible pricing and access to the 2 largest and fastest networks in the US enable scaling at low costs.

WIFI-free wireless devices are reshaping old and new industries

Industrial Sensors

Wireless process control reduces the cost of monitoring and running factories, construction sites, mines, etc by eliminating the need for extension wire, conduit, and other costly accessories.

120 sensors

100 min2 GB
Cellular IoT Sensor

Go where people can't

Wireless sensors can be used in places with extreme conditions like high temperature, pH, pressure, etc., continuously report data back

Cellular Home Security System

Security Systems

Wireless security systems are easier to install, easier to manage, and more secure than traditional systems by not relying on intrusive wires or insecure wifi signals.

600 systems

5 min100 text

More secure

Phone lines can be cut. WIFI can be hacked. Control centers can be broken. Cellular connections decentralize systems and add resiliency to connectivity.

Personal devices

Wearables, medical devices, and tracking products can't always be connected to WiFi or companion devices. Using cellular untethers them.

3 trackers

100 mb
Prepaid Smart Luggage


Many devices, like trackers and smart luggage need to be able to communicate, no matter where the phone is, to provide any value. Cellular connections help do that.

Cellular enabled Truck

Asset tracking & fleet management

Easily keep tabs on your trucks, bikes, cars, packages and other mobile assets with cellular coverage.

40 trucks

100 mb

Real time updates

No more waiting for your vehicle or package to download trip history or maintenance status. Receive and send information over cellular.

High bandwidth devices

Many products like commercial drones, self-service kiosks, and displays require high fidelity cellular connectivity to be controlled, managed and monitored.

200 drones

100 text10 GB
Cellular enabled Drone

Reduced field maintenance

Save time and money by receiving information and pushing updates remotely.

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