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GSM SIM Card Universal

US Mobile SIM cards allow you to enjoy our plans with any device

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GSM SIM Card Universal

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GSM SIM Card Universal
Universal GSM SIM card

Our universal SIM Cards easily break into 3 sizes to fit any device.

Keep your phone number
Keep your number

It’s easy to transfer your number from another carrier to US Mobile.

Customize phone plans
Customized plans

Create your own plan by choosing the amount of talk text & data that suits you.

Simple process
Easy activation

Super simple activation gets you up and running on US Mobile in one easy step.

What is a SIM Card?

A SIM card is a tiny memory chip inside your phone or device that stores information about you and your wireless network.

Wireless networks require that your device has an active SIM card to gain access to the network. So the SIM card is kind of like your own very special key. Without the key, you won’t be allowed in!

Note: Since all information is stored on the SIM card, instead of the actual phone, it’s easy to move to another device by just swapping in the SIM Card.


“GSM” means Global System for Mobile Communications. The GSM Network tends to have the highest number of compatible devices of all major networks. As a result the GSM SIM card is the most common type of SIM card.

SIM Card for Car, Watch, Phone SIM Card lies within connected devices

Configure device apn settings Networks connect towards SIM

Mini, Micro, Nano SIM Card Triple cut SIM card - Adapted to all the devices

SIM Card Sizes

US Mobile provides 3-1 SIM cards, which means that every SIM Card can be broken into three different sizes: mini, micro and nano. The SIM card will therefore fit into any type of device.

Mini SIM: 2011 phones and older: iPhone 3, HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Galaxy S
Micro SIM: 2012-2013 phones: iPhone4, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4
Nano SIM: Newer generation phones: iPhone 5 and above, Samsung Galaxy 7

SIM Card Activation & Installation

SIM Card activation with US Mobile is simple and quick. Our 1-step activation page will allow you to enter your SIM Card ID, choose your 30-day plan, and click to activate!
To install a SIM card, you will need to find the SIM card slot in your device. Sometimes you will find the slot on the outside of your device. Other times, it will be inside near the battery.

SIM Cards for IoT devices

US Mobile SIM cards are compatible with all types of IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices. Some examples include alarms, GPS trackers, cars and smartwatches.
Since talk, text and data usage is different from device to device, US Mobile custom plans are ideally suited for your connected devices.

Insert SIM Card in phone Example of SIM card slot, on iPhone

2G capabilities: 900/1900

3G capabilities: UMTS 1900

4G capabilities: Band 4,17,12

Operating frequencies