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How does it work?

Getting started on US Mobile Home Phone is easy.

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Step 1

Order equipment

Place an order for any necessary equipment, such as a home phone base or device.

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Step 2

Activate your plan

Once you receive the router and the included SIM card simply follow the provided instructions to activate.Ready to activate?

Illustration of a Home Phone Base with a cordless home phone

Step 3

Set up and enjoy

Follow instructions to set up the equipment, connect your home phone, and start enjoying.

What items you’ll require

To set up home phone service, you'll need a Wireless Home Phone Base and a Cordless Phone.
If you need both, you can easily buy them in a bundle from our online shop.

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Home Phone Base + cordless phone

Product information: Home Phone Base (Only)


  • Keep your existing home phone number and home telephone
  • Unlimited nationwide calls to local, long-distance and 411 numbers
  • Nationwide service on one of America’s most reliable networks
  • No activation, cancellation, reactivation, overage or daily access fees
  • No contracts or mystery fees
  • Includes voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and conference calling at no additional cost
  • Backup battery keeps you connected, even if you lose powerNo telephone jack required


  • Dimensions: 165 x 136 x 30 mm

  • Weight: 350g

  • Platform frequency 1.3 GHz

  • Support Technology: LTE

Battery Specification

  • Type: Lithium battery

  • Capacity: 2800mAh

  • Talk Time: Approximately 3.5 hours

  • Standby Time: Approximately 26 hours

Your Home Phone Setup Guide

Step 1:

Charge your battery

Open the back cover and insert the battery. Connect the power adapter (included) to the power socket on the Home Phone Base. Connect the charger to a standard AC power outlet.

setup guide

Step 2:

Attach the two antennas

Connect the two antennas to the position of the antenna interface.

setup guide

Step 3:

Insert a SIM card

Insert the micro SIM card into the SIM card port in the direction as shown.

setup guide

Step 4:

Connect your Home Phone Base to a Phone

Using a phone RJ11 cable (not included), connect your home phone to the Port named PHONE1.

setup guide

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