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7 Secret Spotify Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

 1. Find Out about Concerts

If you go to Browse and look far left you’ll see Concerts. Tap it and find out when your favorite artists are performing. Browse Concerts Spotify

2. Send a Particular Part of a Song

If you want your friend to listen to a song, but just a certain part of it, do the following:

Right-click on the song and choose Copy Spotify URI. Paste the link in a message and add # and how far in the song they should listen. Example: #2.01. When your friend enters the link, they’ll automatically hear the song from that second.

Copy Song URI Spotify

3. Choose a Specific Year

Let’s say you want to listen to David Bowie but you don’t want to bother scrolling through all his music, but rather listen to songs from 1997. Write the following in the search bar: David Bowie year:1997 and you’ll only see his songs from 1997.

Search Year Songs Spotify

4. Recreate a Deleted Playlist

Did you delete a playlist by mistake? No worries! Log into your Account, click Recover playlist in the menu on the left. Click Restore next to the playlist you want to recover and it will show up in your playlist library again.

Recover Playlist Spotify

5. Sort Your Playlists

If you have too many playlists and want to group them, you can create a folder by right-clicking the playlist.

Create Folder Spotify

6. Remove Gaps Between Songs

If you’re, for instance, having a party you probably don’t want the music to go silent between the songs. There’s an easy fix to this in your Account, choose Show Advanced Settings. Determine how much you want the songs to intertwine by adjusting the crossfade bar.

Crossfade Songs Spotify

7. Have Spotify Make Playlist for You

If you tweet Spotify Cares and ask nicely, the team might make a playlist just for you. Try it out!