iPhone 7 in 50 shades of grey?

Jimmy Lin Iphone7

We previously reported iPhone 7’s release date and hottest new features and rumor has it that the phone could arrive with a new home button and another darker shade of grey, in addition to the current grey colors. The launch is still assumed to take place in September and Bloomberg is reporting that there will be a press conference on the 7th of September where Apple will present all new gadgets and phones.

As with former models, Taiwanese profile Jimmy Lin (in picture) has already been spotted with the new iPhone 7 confirming some of the leaked information and speculation. As Bloomberg indicated, Apple is removing the headphone jack in order to make the phone slimmer and water resistant. It will also come with an extra speaker and a dual camera.

To meet the customer need of consuming data and storage, Apple has decided to skip the 16GB memory and instead launch the iPhone 7 with a minimum of 32GB and up to 256GB. The new phone will also come with the latest IOS, the IOS 10.

Only a few weeks to go now iPhone-fans!

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How to Cut your Cell Phone Bill by 80%

Cell Phone Bill

The average American cell phone bill is $70 for a single user, according to JD Power. That adds up to $840 per year, which is basically the same cost as buying a used car. But by taking a few simple steps, you can lower your phone bill significantly.

Unlimited plans can be expensive. Just pay for what you use.

Choose your carrier wisely. With emerging non-traditional wireless mobile phone carriers, the customer has more freedom than ever to choose a carrier and a cell phone plan that suit individual needs instead of being stuck in an expensive multi-year contract.

The more you know about what you use and how much, the more equipped you are to choose a plan that is customized for you. Unlimited plans may sound good but if you for instance aren’t a big talker or texter, you end up paying for unlimited minutes and texts you don’t use. If you use a lot of data, your plan should reflect that and you can keep talk and text to a minimum. In case you run out of talk, text or data mid-month a few carriers like US Mobile will let you top up without overage fees.

If data tend to be the biggest cost on your phone bill, there are a few hacks to lower your data usage:

  • Turn off cellular data for all apps that you don’t need regular updates from. Once you do that, the apps will only update and use data when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Compress your data by connecting to a third party server that compresses the data and then delivers it to your phone. While video and image quality may be reduced, data heavy social media apps like Instagram and Facebook will greatly benefit from the compression.
  • Download podcasts and playlists ahead of time to save data.
  • Disable Background App Refresh since apps often update in the background when you are not using them and this of course uses data.
  • Use wifi hotspots where available.

Optimize your cell phone plan in real time.

Optimizing your plan may sound too good to be true but If your plan allows it, downgrade your plan if you’re entering a month/week you know you won’t be using your phone as much as usual. If you can optimize your plan based on how much talk, text and data you’re planning on using the next month, you’ll will save a lot of money by not wasting it on a service you don’t use/need.

US Mobile has a real time dashboard where you can easily change your plan for your desktop, phone or tablet. If you know you’re not going to use your phone at all, they also allow you to keep your number as long as you pay the $2 monthly service fee.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve hopefully realized how easy it is to save on your cell phone bill. US Mobile offers cell phone plans with talk text and data from $9 and it’s fully customizable based on your needs. If you’re an average user you end up paying $15 instead of $70 dollars per month, which means a yearly saving of $660.

7 Hacks to Free up Space on your Iphone

Free up space

Are you tired of not being able to download an app or record a video because you don’t have enough space left on your phone? We are, which is why we’ve compiled a list on seven quick tips on how you can release storage:

1. Remove apps you’re not using

Take a close look at your apps – are you really using all of them? Or did you just download the crossfit app without ever using it? Has Pokemon Go completely replaced Candy Crush? Simply remove all the apps you’re not using.

2. Find out which apps are taking up space

Yes, you can see which one of your apps that are taking up the most space. Go to Settings > General > Storage and Icloud usage > Manage Storage. You get a good overview of all your apps and can decide if you should delete an app that is eating up storage.

3. Don’t keep both images when you’re taking HDR photos

Do you have the HDR-setting activated when you take photos? Then you might be aware of the fact that all photos are stored twice? In order to avoid this, go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Keep Normal Photo and deactivate it.

4. Delete text messages

We know that it might be fun to read old text messages from your first boyfriend, your BFF or even your mom. But honestly, you will probably not go back several months to read text messages from all your contacts which is why it might be better to change settings so that texts are automatically deleted after 30 days. Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages.

5. Clear browsing history

You will be surprised about how much space you will free up when you delete browsing history, cookies and web site data. It might be annoying at first to have to login again on some of the sites but trust us, it will be worth it and it’s a super quick fix. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

6. Back up photos and delete

Start a new habit and upload your photos and videos from your mobile phone to a computer, external hard drive or a cloud solution. Once you have uploaded the photos, delete them from your phone.

7. Be picky when it comes to music and podcasts

You probably have several songs and podcasts downloaded on your phone but how many do you really listen to? Sort through you downloaded material and just keep the ones you listen to regularly. Since data is becoming cheaper and cheaper you should consider streaming music and podcasts instead of downloading them. Setting music, podcasts and reading material to download for offline use might be consuming more space than you realize.

We hope you will enjoy all the new space you have on your phone!

Cheapest Plan for Playing Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go the last couple of days, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. Pokémon Go is on the verge of overtaking Twitter in terms of daily active users on Android and it was and instant number 1 in downloads when it launched.

The game uses your phone’s GPS to detect where you are in the game and through your phone screen you’re able to catch Pokémon, which appears around you in the real world. You’ll see different types of Pokémon in different places and depending on what time it is. The game is undoubtedly a huge success so far.

So what does that got to do with US Mobile? Quite a lot apparently since PC Mag named US Mobile the Cheapest Cell Phone Plan for Pokémon Go, which we’re very excited about.

Keep on playing people (and check out our plans if you haven’t already)!

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US Mobile at the Center of a Blooming Startup Scene

wsj startup scene blooms

Ever wondered about US Mobile’s startup roots? Founder and CEO Ahmed Khattak chose to headquarter US Mobile in Stamford amid a blooming startup scene in Connecticut. US Mobile’s office is located in the Stamford Innovation Center, a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship that offers advisory, resources, facilities and support to select companies.

“We looked around and said, Connecticut is home,” says Khattak, a Yale University graduate who now runs cellphone-service provider US Mobile. “I think it has makings of a great place for tech in general.” According to Dow Jones VentureSource, approximately $400 million was invested in Connecticut startups last year. The area is buzzing with young entrepreneurs hoping to build the next empire.

Read the full story on The Wall Street Journal.

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