iPhone 8 Release Date and Rumored New Features

iPhone 8

What to expect from the new iPhone 8? A lot of details have been leaking, especially from the Asian Apple supply chain. Then more rumors stirred up when Cowen and Company distributed a research note to clients, according to Business Insider. One thing that they all have in common is that Apple isn’t planning on releasing one iPhone 8 model but three; 5.8-inch iPhone in addition to existing 4.7- and 5.5-inch models.

New Features

Besides Apple producing three models, other features suggested being included in the iPhone 8 phones are:

  • Facial and gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensor mounted near the front-facing camera.
  • Glass bodies around stainless steel frames to facilitate wireless charging.
  • Home/Touch ID sensor to be integrated within the display area, under the glass, similar to the Samsung Galaxy s8.
  • An OLED screen on the 5.8-inch iPhone, which will use less power and produce deeper blacks.

Release Date

Will the iPhone 8 be unlike any iPhone Apple has made to date? It sounds promising! According to Forbes, the projected release date for the iPhone 8 will be in September 2017.

Finally, did you notice anything strange in the image of the iPhone 8 concept? Remember our earlier blog post about 10 things about the iPhone you didn’t know? If you’ve read it, you would know that Apple usually launches their phones with the clock set at 9.41 and nine other interesting facts. Check it out!

Cutting Your SIM Card Has Never Been Easier



What is a SIM Card?

Without getting too technical, a SIM card is what connects you with your carrier’s network. Without it, your device would be limited to WiFi. The card carries personal information such as phone number, texts, settings, and data. You can easily transfer your SIM from one unlocked device to another. This means that you can take your old SIM card and insert it into your new phone. SIM Cards are most commonly used in the GSM Network.

SIM Card Sizes

Depending on what kind of phone, or another type of device, you’re plugging your card into there are different sizes to take into consideration. The sizes are called: Mini, which is 25×15×0.76 mm, Micro, measuring 15×12×0.76 mm,  and Nano being 12.3×8.8×0.67 mm. Most phones use mini SIM or micro SIM.

In order to make it simple as possible for our customers to switch between different devices, we’ve already cut your SIM card into three potential sizes. We call it triple-cut, but it’s also known as a “Universal SIM card”.

Cutting a US Mobile SIM Card

There is no need to get a scissor when you get your US Mobile SIM card! Getting the different sizes is super simple as visible in the pictures below! The first picture shows how it looks once you flip it over. Here you’ll, among other things, get your SIM Number which you need in the activation process. If you, gently, put some pressure on the outer ends of the cut-out you’ll end up with a Mini SIM as visible in the second picture. Moving your thumb slightly inwards will get you a Micro sized SIM (picture 4) and using the smallest cut-out will give you the smallest Nano (picture 3).

Cut SIM Card

We encourage you to not throw away the white frames in case you want to change the size again. Since there are no cutting, you can put it together again to a Mini SIM within seconds.

Universal GSM Sim card

SIM Card reassembled

Many of our customers have told us that they’ve plugged in their SIM in an old phone, which might require a different size, in order to give their child an inexpensive phone and phone service. Another area of re-usage is to plug it into your IoT device such as car, smartwatch, GPS tracker or home security system.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design Leaked and Rumored Specs

Samsung is said to be launching the Galaxy S8 sometime this spring but they might have already spilled the beans in this ad.


The Galaxy S8’s Rumored Specs

It hasn’t been confirmed that it is the Galaxy S8 in the video but it sure has some of the features the new phone is rumored to have. The rumors include:

  • No home button, which means that the fingerprint sensor is most likely built into the display. Synaptics has announced that they have developed a new fingerprint scanner, which works even if covered by glass.
  • Minimum borders filling the front of the phone with just a screen. Samsung’s Principal Engineer Park Won-Sang has previously said that they’re aiming for a greater-than 90% screen-to-body ratio.

Other rumors, as reported by Trusted Reviews, are:

  • 4K screen to boost virtual reality experience
  • Snapdragon 830 chip for super fast download speeds
  • USB-C replacing the Micro USB to facilitate HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA connections from obe single port.

Check our earlier blog post for more features.

Samsung last release was the Samsung Note 7 which blew up, literally. Let’s hope that the Galaxy 8 does better!

Top Free Game Apps for Android and Iphone

Free game apps anyone? We’ve listed the games, on Android and Iphone, which we’re addicted to. All games listed, in no particular order, are free but most have in-app purchases available.

Free Game Apps for Android

Fallout Shelter

The game has the player creating their own world within Shelters, called Vaults, with rescue citizens called Dwellers. The challenge is to keep the dwellers happy by providing food, water and power while defeating bad guys and obstacles like fires. The Dwellers generate different resources and in order to increase the population, the player can wait for new dwellers to come along or you can produce baby dwellers.

Rated 4.5 in Google Play and 4.1 in iTunes.

Clash Royale

A strategy game designed for multiple players who are ranked by level and trophies. At the beginning of each game, each player gets four cards which can be used in battle to defend or attack. Played cards are replaced by new ones from the deck. Battles are won by destroying more towers than the opponent, or by destroying the  “King’s Tower”.

Rated 4.5 in Google Play and 4.3 in iTunes.


Multiplayer game similar to League of Legends and Dota 2 but designed for phones and tablets. Choose one out of 30 characters and fight other players or robots. The goal is to destroy Vain Crystal” in the other team’s base.

Rated 4.3 in Google Play and 4.1 in iTunes.

Smash Hit

Great looking game where you start of with 25 metal balls, which you aim and shoot through the different levels of the game. The trick is to not run out of the balls by smashing obstacles, which will otherwise cost you 10 balls.  The game is very calming with new music at every level and doesn’t require a lot of brain work.

Rated 4.4 in Google Play.


Free Game Apps for Iphone

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Racing game where you have to finish first but also complete a bunch of stunts during the race. If you’re awesome at flat spinning your car high up in the air you might come out ahead of the winner of the racce. The game is filled with ramps which will help you earn nitro boost – the longer the airtime, the more boost you earn.

Rated 4.5 in Google Play and 4.5 in iTunes.

Crossy Road

An arcade game that is exactly what the name implies, a game where the player needs to cross the road without being killed. You play with a mascot, which is some kind of animal, and try to avoid obstacles like rivers, cars, and trains. It’s a simple game but addictive.

Rated 4.5 in Google Play and 4.5 in iTunes.

Bejeweled Blitz

A puzzle game which you might recognize from Facebook. It was originally a Facebook app and by connecting with Facebook you can compete against others with the game result showing on a leader board. The goal with the game is to match gems and multipliers in order to get the highest score possible in one minute.

Rated 4.7 in Google Play and 3.7 in iTunes.

The Battle of Polytopia

A strategic adventure game where you lead a tribe to conquer cities. The more cities the more resources you’ll earn, which will buy you technology. However, the more cities you capture, the more expensive the technology will get. You win this game either by destroying all tribes (10 including your own) or getting the highest score in 30 turns.

Rated 4.5 in Google Play and 4.5 in iTunes.

Pokemon Go

A game that needs no introduction and is, according to PC Mag, cheapest to play on US Mobile 😉 If you’re curious about how long it will take you to reach level 40 in Pokemon Go at you current pace, you can have a look in this tool. Check on your own risk though. We’re talking years.

Rated 4 in Google Play and 3 in iTunes.

We hope you’ll enjoy these free game apps as much as we do. We love to hear what you think about them and let us know if we’ve forgotten your favorite!

All you Need to Know about Prepaid Plans

What is Prepaid?

Prepaid cell phone service is the process of paying for your cell phone service at the start of your billing cycle. Meaning that if you switched to a prepaid carrier on November 1st, you would pay for your service until December 1st on November 1st, whereas with postpaid or traditional phone plans you would get your bill for your phone plan/charges on December 1st.

Evolution of Prepaid

Prepaid cell phone service has come a long way from when it first started off. In the beginning people use “pay-as-you-go” interchangeably to describe prepaid service. You also had to top-up using prepaid cards that were both in stores such as 7-11 to add minutes or texts to your account.

Now companies offer automatic refills or auto pay, and you can check your usage right from your user dashboard. Prepaid has evolved to the point where it’s even easier to use than postpaid plans. No need to spend hours in person or on the phone trying to figure out what phone you can get, what plans to choose and what your phone bill means. Now most prepaid carriers allow you to bring whatever your GSM phone you’d like, and customize your plan to your needs. Since prepaid plans are no contract, you can also cancel at any time.

How Prepaid Works Out Cheaper than Postpaid

Postpaid cellphone service is the type of contractual service you find with traditional carriers. In these cases you might be locked in for 2 years at a set price. Usually this entitles you to discounts on the upfront cost of your phone, or you get it for free. However, your monthly plan is often much higher, and you are not able to change your plan/services freely.

With prepaid carriers like US Mobile you can bring your own phone, or buy an unlocked phone from us. Since we don’t subsidize the cost of your phone we pass that savings down to you with our ridiculously cheap monthly plans. Our plans are as low as $4 a month, and are fully customizable to your needs. If something changes and you realize you don’t need 1000 minutes, but you need 200 minutes you can change your plan next month without any issues. Since there is no contract, if you’re unhappy at any time or you move out of the US you can cancel at anytime. No hard feelings!

Big Savings

Many of our customers told us the save hundreds of dollars every year by switching to US Mobile. For example our customer named Don saved $500 a year by switching to US Mobile and only paying $5 a month for 200 minutes. Don realized that he was always around Wi-Fi, so he didn’t really need a data plan and that he doesn’t talk that much. Don said he saved $500 a year because a typical carrier contract would have been $50 per month.

Read more tips on how to lower your cell phone bill by saving data.

If you want to know more about prepaid plans, we’re available 24/7 on chat, phone or email. Reach out and a real person is standing by to answer all your questions.