Need for (Data) Speed? Or Do You Prefer a Cheaper Data Plan?

Data Speed

The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah, reaching speeds of up to 61 miles per hour. (Btw this record was set by an 11-year-old cheetah called Sarah in 2012.) But faster isn’t always better, at least not when it comes to data speeds.

Faster speed = More Consumption

We’ve covered this before but the faster data speed, the more data you end up using. If you do the exact same thing, for instance, download a file with slow data vs fast data you’ll use the exact same amount. That’s, however, not the case when you use your phone in a habitual way.

By having a faster data plan, your phone will download elements faster when you’re browsing the internet or watching videos. Instead of downloading partial sites you visit, you end up automatically download all of the page, including all its widgets. Entire videos will also be buffered, even though you just watched parts of it. This means that a faster data speed equals an increased consumption of background data. In addition to automatic downloads, you might be tempted to stream at a higher quality if your data is fast. This also consumes more of your data plan.

Our Data Plans

Similar to how certain apps like Netflix and Spotify lets you adjust streaming quality, we let you adjust your data speed in our plans. As far as we’re aware, we’re the only one on the market offering unlimited plans at different data speeds. If you mostly use your phone for regular web browsing in checking mail, a Standard data plan should be sufficient. You get about 1 Mbps with the Standard plan and by not maximizing your data speed, you can save $20 per month.

Unlimited data plan

Further, a typical user might enjoy watching the occasional video clip, add stories to Instagram or snaps to Snapchat. If you’re that kind of user, you might be better off going with the Fast plan. The data speed is 5 Mbps, which means that you will have a smooth experience as you go about using your phone. If you’re a data hog, on the other hand, who enjoys watching a lot of moving content, go with the Ludicrous plan. The speed is uncapped, which means you’ll reach speeds of up to 150 Mbps.  That’s nothing but blazing fast!

By offering data plans at the different speeds, you get the freedom to choose what’s more important to you – maximizing speed or being frugal. It’s up to you!

Using a Mobile Hotspot

As you can see in the matrix, you also get the option to add a mobile hotspot to your plan. So what is a hotspot? If you turn on your cellular connection into a Wi-Fi connection, you’re able to access and use the data plan from other devices than your phone. This is called creating a hotspot, or a mobile hotspot to be more specific. It’s a great service if you’re not able to connect to an open Wi-Fi but you need to send an email on the go or if you’re working temporarily at a location that lacks an internet connection. When you connect your computer to your phone, it’s called tethering.

All our Super LTE Custom plans include the hotspot service.

iPhone X Offer: Get $200 Back When Joining US Mobile

iPhone X

On the third of November, the first lucky ones will have an iPhone X in their hands. And we want to be the carrier of choice for all you iPhone X users out there! This is why we are offering $200 back for anyone who brings their iPhone X to our new Super LTE network. Also, did we mention that we’re not locking you into a contract and you don’t even have to trade in your existing device?

US Mobile’s iPhone X Offer

Yesterday we launched our Super LTE network and plans which are perfect for the new iPhone. As our CEO and Founder Ahmed Khattak phrased it: “We have the best network and plans for the new iPhone X and we want to prove it”.

Therefore, all iPhone X users, who join our new network will get $200 back. No strings attached. The $200 will be divided over the first 6 months of service with US Mobile. Meaning, $33.34 will be refunded on each month’s service plan (not including taxes, fees, or top-ups).  So for example, a customer with a $40/month plan will receive a refund of $33.34 after the plan purchase is processed. Nevertheless, customers who are on a lower plan than $33.34, have gaps in service or leave US Mobile will forfeit their ability to claim the remainder of the refund. No cash back will be granted. The offer is limited to one per person, and it’s only available in the US.

To claim this offer, the only thing you need to do is to get a prepaid LTE SIM and activate it. Then fill out this simple form. We’ll take care of the rest! Unfortunately, this offer is now expired.

iPhone X Offer

Buying the iPhone X

We don’t currently sell the iPhone X in our shop. But you can pre-order it from other stores, e.g. Apple store, and bring it to US Mobile for wireless service on the new Super LTE network.  To be compatible with our network, you should bring an iPhone X that was sold with either Verizon or Sprint bands.

The overall response after testing the iPhone X is positive. According to various reviews, the Face ID is easy to set up and works well, even in pitch black and in weird angels. Another appreciated feature is the Apple Pay, which works very smoothly on the new phone. Basically, you just double tap the power button while looking at the phone. Then, you hold it up to the payment terminal and pay. According to testers, it’s much easier than older generation phones. Colorwise, it comes in a space gray and silver finish. The band around the phone is made of surgical-grade stainless steel for durability and sleek look. Finally, the price is $999 (without any type of discount).

Image Source: Apple and The Verge

Super LTE with Unlimited Plans and Special iPhone X Offer

Super LTE network

GSM SIM Card & Super LTE SIM Card

We’re beyond excited to not just launch our second network (which happens to be America’s biggest LTE network) but also Unlimited Plans and an exclusive iPhone X offer! It’s a good day to be a US Mobile customer, or become one 😉

The New 4G LTE Network

This summer we announced that we’ll be launching on a second network and we’re so happy that the day has finally come! We will, of course, keep our GSM network. By having both, customers will be able to choose which network that is the optimal for them depending on where they live, user habits etc. To separate them, we’re calling the new network “Super LTE”, and the GSM network will simply be “GSM”. This will also be reflected in the new LTE SIM card.

Unlimited Plans

As if a new network wasn’t enough, we also decided to launch a number of unlimited plans. We want to be able to serve any kind of user, no matter device, user habits or geographical area. If you’re a data hogs, you’ll enjoy several options of unlimited data plans:

  • Limited text and talk: Unlimited data + 100 min + 100 min, starting at just $35/month.
  • Unlimited everything: Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Unlimited plus hotspot: Unlimited talk, text, and data including hotspot. Unlike many other hotspots, this will be uncapped like the data speed.

All plans come in three different speeds being Standard (1 Mbps), Fast (5 Mbps), and Ludicrous (up to 150 Mbps). That way you can choose if a blazingly fast data speed is more important to you than saving a few bucks every month.

LTE Unlimited PlansIf you don’t need unlimited data plans, we’ll also offer a plans matrix similar to the one we offer on the GSM network. The Super LTE customizable plans will have a welcome addition of a small bucket containing 40 minutes, for just $2.50 per month and 1GB will only cost $11 per month.LTE Customizable Plans

Super LTE and GSM Coverage

The Super LTE network is the biggest network in the country, which will be reflected in the coverage. In addition, the GSM network works best in urban areas with network ultra-fast data speeds in most cities. As always, coverage depends on where you are, and that’s why we have partnered with the two best networks in the US. So, no matter where you are you’ll get the best possible coverage with US Mobile.

New Features

The new network will share many of the features of the GSM network, like auto-pay and snooze functionality. Two new additions will be international calling and visual voicemail. The latter means, a voicemail with a visual interface. So instead of listening to your voicemails, you’ll able to read them and you can jump between different messages instead of sequential listening.

A third feature will be the ability to control data speeds as described above in the plans. By lower data speeds, the total data usage will be lower. Want to know more about how? Head over to Is Faster and Better Quality Network Eating More Data?


Compatible devices include all the mainstream Apple and Android phones, but less popular devices are not necessarily supported. Furthermore, the GSM network is compatible with the most devices of any network in the country. In order to find out if your device is compatible or not you can test your phone in our IMEI checker.

iPhone X Exclusive Offer

US Mobile wants to be the carrier of choice for all iPhone X users. Ahmed Khattak, CEO and Founder: “The iPhone X is the most anticipated phone in a decade, and that’s why we are offering $200 back for anyone who brings their iPhone X to our new Super LTE network and we won’t ask you to trade in your existing device. We have the best network and plans for the new iPhone X and we want to prove it”, said Khattak.

The offer is limited and only available in the United States. Maximum one per person when switching to US Mobile Super LTE. No contracts or credit checks required.

Q&A Prepaid Phone Plans – Reddit Asked and We Answered

Prepaid plans

Since the very beginning, US Mobile has offered prepaid phone plans. We believe that’s what gives our customer the most freedom and bang for their bucks. Still, there are a lot of questions lingering on what it is, if it’s better and how it works. That’s why we set out to do a Q&A on the topic.

In order to compile the most frequent questions, we did a thorough search on Reddit and here’s what Redditors want to know.

Is prepaid and Pay as You Go the same thing?

Not really, although they’re often used interchangeably. With prepaid plans, you pay in advance and once you’ve used up your plan you get disconnected from the service until you’ve bought another plan. If you Pay as You Go, you don’t buy a plan but rather minutes, texts, and data. Once you’ve used them, you can add more with physical or electronic refill cards.

Can I keep my number if I switch from postpaid to prepaid?

Yes, it doesn’t matter. You can port your number to the new provider.

My usage varies greatly – is postpaid or prepaid better?

This depends on whether you’re able to predict the variations or not. If you know when you that the next period will be lower, you can usually adjust prepaid plans in advance since you can regulate your plan month-to-month. If you have already paid for a larger plan in advance, and it turns out that your usage will be low, you can’t get that money back. Then it might be safer to buy a smaller plan, and top-up later in the month if needed. Postpaid, on the other hand, can be good if you don’t know how your usage will vary since you pay for what you have used. In order for this to work though, you shouldn’t be on an expensive base plan (like unlimited plans). Then it doesn’t matter how much you’ve used or not.

Postpaid, on the other hand, can be good if you don’t know how your usage will vary since you pay for what you have used. In order for this to work though, you shouldn’t be on an expensive base plan (like unlimited plans). Then it doesn’t matter how much you’ve used or not.

Do I need a Social Security number to get a prepaid phone plan?

No, no credit check or social security number is needed when signing up for a prepaid plan. Since you’re not in a contract, and you prepay for all your future usage, there is no reason for the carrier to get your background information. That’s also why prepaid plans are common for temporary or disposable phones.

Is it easy to cancel prepaid plans?

Having a prepaid phone plan means that you’re not under contract. That makes it easy to cancel at any time. What you need to keep in mind is how long you have prepaid for your plan before switching to another plan. Sometimes you prepay for 1 month, 3 months or even 12 months and once you’ve paid for a period, it tends to be hard to get out of. If you’re on a month-to-month plan, you have more flexibility. Just be mindful of the timing of the switch.

Can I get a discount on my device if I choose prepaid?

In rare occasions, you can get a discount on a device when joining a prepaid carrier. However, it’s a lot more common when you’re in a contract. The reason why postpaid carriers can give you discounted phones is that they know you’ll be a customer for at least 24 months, and they can earn the discounted amount back on the monthly service payments. That’s also one of the reasons why postpaid plans is usually more expensive than prepaid plans.

Can data rollover if you’re on a prepaid plan?

Rollover means that data, talk and/or text roll over from one billing cycle to the next if it hasn’t been used. And the answer is that it doesn’t matter if you’re paying for your plan in advance or at the end of the cycle. Every carrier chooses if they want to allow rollover or not. At US Mobile, all addons rollover for a separate cycle of 30 days, not following the base plan’s cycle.

Do I get the same downloading speeds as when I’m in a contract?

Throttling, which means intentionally slowing down data speeds, is a sensitive topic among carriers. Most carriers clearly state that they’ll start deprioritizing a user’s data speeds after they’ve used a certain amount of data in one billing cycle. The cap is usually between 20 Gb and 50 Gb. Now, some carriers do offer prepaid plans at a lower data speed than their postpaid plan. However, unless it’s clearly stated, the prepaid plans should have the same downloading speeds as postpaid plans. Head over to Rootmetrics if you want to learn more about individual carrier’s speeds.

How Do eSIMs work for prepaid carriers?

eSIM is a fairly new phenomenon and not implemented across the industry. eSIM is a standardized SIM chip open to multiple mobile carriers, instead of one specific carrier. To begin with, only selected carriers will support eSIM. It will also probably take a long time before all phone manufacturers will scrap the traditional SIM card slot. Prepaid or postpaid won’t matter in this sense, as it will be carrier-related if eSIM will be supported or not.

Do you need help on deciding which plan that suits your needs the best? Head over to Choosing the Best Prepaid Phone Plan for You. Let us know in the comments if you have other questions we should add to this Q&A.

How to Reset your Phone Before Selling it

Reset Phone

If you’re thinking about upgrading your phone to the latest the market has to offer, you might want to sell your current phone. Depending on what model and brand you have, the resell value could be high so why not sell it instead of letting it collect dust in a drawer? Be careful though that you don’t sell your phone with a bunch of embarrassing selfies or videos still on the phone. Here’s how you reset your phone before putting it on the market.

Reset Your iPhone

If you’re the current phone is an iPhone, you need to deactivate a couple of things before resetting the phone. First, you should, however, back up all the data you have on the phone. Connect your device to a power source and connect your device to a Wi-Fi. Go to Settings – Your Name – iCloud – iCloud Backup.

Once the backup is done:

  1. If you have an Apple Watch, you should unpair it to avoid confusion if you plan to pair it with a new iPhone.
  2. Turn of iMessage, which is especially important if you’re switching to Android. Otherwise, you might miss some messages in the transfer.
  3. Sign out of iCloud by going to Settings, tap your name and scroll down till you reach Sign Out.
  4. Go to your Apple ID and password, tap Turn Off.

It’s time to clear up all data. Go to Settings – General – Reset and choose Erase All Content and Settings. Now it’s safe to sell your iPhone. Just don’t forget to take out your SIM card!

Wipe Your Android Clean

As per usual, you’ll notice that it’s a different procedure for Android. It’s still easy though! If you’re planning on switching your Android for another Android, you can sync all apps to your account. Go to Settings – Account Sync and tap Sync Now. If you continue in Settings, go to System – Backup and turn on Back Up to Google Drive. Now you’ve backed up all the data that was stored on your phone, which you then can move to your new phone.

Once the backup is done, it’s time to wipe your Android clean. Again, go to Settings – System – Reset and tap Factory Data Reset. This will erase everything you had on your phone and it’s good to go to market.

If you’re not planning on selling your old phone, we have collected Seven Things You Can Do With Your Old Phone. They all start with a reset of your phone but the suggestions are a bit more altruistic and/or creative than making some quick bucks.