Our Business Page is Live – Connecting All Devices

Business Plans

Our Business Page is finally launched and ready to connect all types of devices! Developing a dedicated business page for connected devices was a natural next step and was supported by testimonials like below:

US Mobile allows us to use their SIM cards in any connected device. We use their SIM cards in our GPS trackers to monitor equipment around the country.

The customer support I received was second to none. They’re fast, efficient, and actually a pleasure to call. I’ve even spoken to them after midnight!

We know we go on and on about how flexible and affordable plans we have but there is a reason for it. Let’s say you just want a text plan to support your alarm system or GPS tracker. For $4 per month you have a wireless connection that supports the average need of a home security system. More about that on our Alarm Page. $4 is hard to beat!

SIM Cards at Bulk Discount Pricing

If you are a business owner needing multiple lines you can also take advantage of our SIM card bulk pricing. When you add multiple SIM cards on the Get SIM page, the discount is applied automatically. Pricing looks as follows:

# of SIM Cards          1-9        10-99       100-999   1,000-4,999       5,000+
Price per SIM        $3.99         $3.00           $2.50         $2.00         $1.50

We believe business owners should be able to get wireless connectivity in a simple way, at a great value. By switching to US Mobile a small business with 20 lines of average talk text and usage will save approx. $13,000 per year.

If you have a business account, you will also access our real-time business account dashboard. The dashboard allows you to monitor all lines’ usage and top-up when you are running low. In order to make it as simple as possible, we provide you with one monthly invoice for all lines in your business account.

We hope you will enjoy our page and new offer. Feel free to email us for more information about partnerships.

WiFi Calling Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

WiFi Calling

All eyes were on Google last week as it rolled out Pixel and Pixel XL, two new in-house devices launched in partnership with Verizon. And as CNET reports, we now have word that the Pixel can also be used with Google’s Project Fi—which begs the question: Is WiFi calling actually worth it?

At first glance, the answer appears to be yes; but closer inspection reveals some potential pitfalls.

Programs like Project Fi work in concert with major carriers. The idea (and marketing push)  is to offer cheaper wireless service by toggling calls between WiFi and cellular coverage from big-player networks. In other words, automatically connecting to WiFi hotspots could possibly translate to lower service costs. Project Fi is already in action, with Comcast slated to launch its own program next year.

In theory, it sounds like a good idea, but there are definitely a few caveats. For starters, the pricing model bundles in talk and text together, which is problematic for a number of reasons. Today’s mobile users are pivoting more and more from voice to text. According to a 2015 report from Informate, Americans send and receive five times as many daily texts as phone calls.

One Glove Does Not Fit All (and Neither Does WiFi Calling)

This is precisely why US Mobile customers can create their own customized plans—no two users are alike; some only need 100 minutes of talk, while others need 5,000. The point here is that taking a one-size-fits-all approach to mobile usage often translates to customers paying for more than they need.

With Project Fi, for instance, talk and text are a hand-in-hand deal. The starting point for their monthly plans is $20, which gets you unlimited calls and texting. This means that opting out of unlimited talk isn’t an option. That isn’t unlike a cable company bundling cable and Internet along with home phone service, even though most Americans have no need for a landline phone.

Data usage is another likely downside. Project Fi charges users $10 for every gigabyte of data they use. The truth is that most users will blow through one gigabyte relatively quickly. Forbes writer Shelby Carpenter calls it Project Fi’s Achilles heel, adding that unlimited talk and text plus 4GB of data will run you $60 per month. Other programs offer slightly cheaper prices, but nothing too substantial.

Data aside, what we really want to get into here is voice quality, which can be questionable when your calls are offset from cellular to WiFi. Some who have tried it say that call quality can be choppy or distorted. Others have reported issues with lag time when making WiFi calls. What’s more, if you’re talking on the go, call quality may become compromised if you go out of range of the WiFi network.

The kinks of WiFi calling show no signs of being ironed out anytime soon, which means that US Mobile will continue offering affordable build-your-own plans. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


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To Auto Pay or Not Auto Pay, That is the Question

Auto Pay Save Time

When time is the most expensive resource everyone has at one’s disposal, we understand how imperative your time is. That’s why we try to save you some. US Mobile offers the feature of Auto-Payment for its patrons. What is it? What does it do? First of all, Auto Pay allows customers to start a chain reaction of reciprocal services which never get interrupted.

Set up Auto Pay

Customers can set up a default plan combination for every month, and the amount is deducted every month in return of seamless service. To set it up, you simply need to:

  1. Log in to your account,
  2. Go to dashboard and click on “Turn On Auto Pay
  3. Choose the plans, verify information and click on ”Activate Auto Pay

There are two modes of payment at US Mobile: Manual payment and Automatic payment. Manual billing requires customers to log in every month to their accounts and make the payment for the coming months. Auto Pay, on the contrary, rules out the human effort and saves time. In today’s busy world where there are a lot of vital things to worry about, trivial things such as remembering due dates for payment is easy to forget. And the last thing you want is to get your services suspended. Auto Pay, in the midst of all this chaos, offers you a liberty, and a tranquility that we have got your back.

Sounds promising, right? No matter who you are and what you do, you are going to need one less thing to worry about, one less of a hassle, right? Exactly! Please know that once you’ve set it up, you can still make changes. It is totally redeemable and can be configured. If your priorities or consumption changes, no worries! You can configure your plan to fit your personal needs. Just go to the same dashboard you enabled it from, click on “Configure Auto Pay”, choose updated plans, verify the information and click on “Update Auto Pay”. Don’t want it anymore? No problem, go ahead and disable it. Same drill, dashboard, to “Turn Off Auto Pay” and that’s it!

Snooze your Cell Phone Plan

Another feature we would like to remind you of is the “Snooze Option“. If you are for instance moving abroad for a shorter span of time and want to keep your number so that when you come back, you can bring it to life and start using it. Use the snooze option, which allows you to keep your phone number active for the minimal payment of monthly service charge ($2). To set it up, you simply need to log in, set up auto-pay and not choose a plan on the plans page. Activate it and you are good to go! As long as you have money on the card on file, you’re good to go.

Is Your Alarm in Need of a SIM Card? Look no further!

Alarm SIM Card

Today we launched a new page dedicated to Alarms! An alarm system is just one of many different types of connected devices using US Mobile’s SIM cards and plans. We have recently seen an increase in demand for SIM cards for home security systems.

At US Mobile, we support devices running on 2G, 3G and 4G and we will continue to do so. Recently, AT&T announced that they will close down their 2G network next year.  which leaves several device owners without connectivity. At US Mobile, we promise to continue supporting the 2G network through 2020 at the very least.

Choose the Right Plan for Your Alarm System

US Mobile’s customizable plans of talk, text or data in any combination, make it easy for you to connect any device. Our monthly plans are so affordable that if you have a home security system only using texts messages, you would be paying $4 per month, including all fees. If you need data, just add it to your plan and pay $6 per month for 100 texts and 100 MB.

If for some reason you don’t want to keep the alarm connected for a particular month, you can downgrade and just pay a monthly fee of $2 to keep your SIM card active. Most of you are probably worried about the opposite though! It is critical to have the alarm system running at all times. In order to ensure that, we recommend you set your account to Auto Pay to avoid missing a payment. Remember that you can always log in to your account and see how much of your plan you’ve used with our real time dashboard.

Network Requirements

If your alarm is operating with a GSM SIM card, you should be able to use US Mobile. If you want more details on the network requirements, we’ve compiled a quick overview:

  • 2G capabilities:  900/1900
  • 3G capabilities: UMTS 1900
  • 4G capabilities: Band 4,17,12*

All Connected Devices are Welcome

US Mobile offers plans for all connected devices using GSM SIM cards. If you have other connected devices in your home, or if you’re looking for a new wireless phone service, visit our Plans Page to see what you could be saving today. Finally, don’t forget to check out our Alarm Page.

Is Google Pixel Ditching Their Own Network?

Google Fi

Today Google unveiled a new line of products, made in-house by their own product team. Among other things they communicated the launch of Pixel and Pixel XL Phones. According to Wired, the phones are supposed to be sleek, have an impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, Daydream-ready VR status and a kick-ass camera. What’s interesting though is that they’ve decided to launch it with Verizon as their exclusive carrier which makes you wonder; what is happening with Google’s own MVNO Google Fi?

Project Fi says that they put their customers on the best available network between Wi-Fi and three 4G LTE networks. So one might wonder; why aren’t they choosing Project Fi as their carrier when launching the Pixel phones?

Winning Back Customers

Speaking of Project Fi, we recently won back a client, who we actually lost earlier this year, to Project Fi. The customer’s name is Anne, and she described her customer journey in a review on Trustpilot. The review reads as follows:

The Best…Around! (Nothin’s ever gonna bring you down!)

Loved this company, switched to Google Fi for the discount on the new phone, just switched back after months of dealing with shoddy customer service and occasional text message drops. So glad to be back, the phone service works seamlessly (like phone service should) and the customer service has always been doubleplusgood. Would recommend to anyone.

At US Mobile we want customers to be with us for the long haul. US Mobile still, to this day, not have any temporary promotional offers to lure customers to our platform. We believe in offering consistent low prices on our plans, great coverage and outstanding customer service. We want to grow with our customers, no matter which connected device they’re using and what their usage are today, tomorrow or in a few years.