Ahmed Khattak on building a tech-focused MVNO

A rocket, airplane, and air baloon representing US Mobile taking off as tech-focused MVNO

Last year we pushed significant releases like Usage Analytics, iOS and Android apps, family Plans with perks, WiFi calling, and Unlimited bundles, to name a few. We also considerably increased the amount of data you get with our unlimited bundles and custom plans.

In fact, last year, we had more than 250 engineering releases. That’s almost one release for every working day by our Product and Engineering teams.  On top of the feature enhancement and plan upgrades, our team has completed dozens of technical tickets for every Epic.  

Our focus on technology & platform differentiates us from traditional carriers.  Instead of putting our resources towards marketing, we invest in building a product that delivers superior customer and user experience.  It allows us to nimbly and aggressively adapt to an ever-changing industry. 

Catch up with our CEO, Ahmed Khattak, LIVE in Stetson Doggett’s latest podcast episode to learn how we use innovative technology, and a focus on digital experience & customer needs to deliver service in new, imaginative ways and build a culture of innovation that enables us to continuously iterate our product. Join our live stream on February 11, 2021, 5:00 PM EST

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  1. Ahmed mentioned wireless carriers spending millions of $$ building out their networks so that WiFi calling doesn’t need to be used. They shouldn’t forget that many of us use WiFi calling/texting when traveling abroad rather than purchasing international credits/plans.

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