More Data, More Countries, More Value

More Data, More Countries, More Value

Today, we’re super excited to talk about something that’s been a huge project for us at US Mobile – the launch of our new Annual Plans! 🚀

When we offered our Unlimited Starter plan as an annual version as a Cyber Week deal, it sold out before the week ended. This showed us that while we’ve always been a month-to-month offering, US Mobile is the long-term choice for many of our customers, and they were eager to pay us in advance. So we decided to make this possible on more of our plans.

Creating these plans wasn’t just about packaging existing services into a yearly format. It was about reimagining how we deliver value over a longer term. The real challenge wasn’t the tech—we’ve always had the infrastructure to build annual plans due to our early and continuing investment in future-proofing our tech stack. It was nailing the operational nuances. Managing the cash flow shift from monthly to upfront was like recalibrating our financial engines mid-flight. And let’s not forget the tightrope walk of legal compliance and risk management while keeping our eyes on the goal—to offer you unparalleled flexibility and value.

Many in our community wanted a more cost-effective way to enjoy US Mobile’s services without the hassle of monthly renewals. Annual plans not only offer a significant discount but also bring a sense of stability and ease.

Introducing Our Annual Plans

Annual Unlimited Starter: $276/year ($23/mo). With even more premium data & features. See the upgrade in the next section. 

Annual Unlimited Premium: $480/year ($40/mo). You are essentially getting a 3-line multi-line pricing with just 1 line. 

Annual Light: $72/year ($6/mo). And this plan is even better. See below

Annual Kosher: $90/yr ($7.5/mo). 

Updates to Monthly Plans

Unlimited Essential is going away to streamline our offering. Those of you who like it can stay on it, but Premium and Starter have been way more popular. To bridge the gap between Premium and Starter, the new Unlimited Starter will change a bit. 

Unlimited Starter: now comes with 35 GB premium data (up from 30GB), 10 GB hotspot (up from 5GB, and free 1 GB native roaming on GSM 5G and 1 GB international eSIM (on Warp) for $29/mo.  

Light plan: now comes with 1 GB data (up from 500MB) and unlimited talk and text (up from 500 mins & 500 texts) for $10/mo. This makes this likely the best light plan in the industry.

Kosher plan is now $10/mo. On GSM for now (and Warp in January), it comes with unlimited calling to Israel.

Yes, this is an increase in the month-to-month pricing but it does come with significantly more premium data, more hotspot data, and starter now includes international data— all things everyone has been asking for. You’re getting more value.  The rationale here is that in return for a bit of a commitment we are making our unlimited starter plan the best in the industry.

Our Shareable and Custom plans remain unchanged, providing flexibility for diverse needs.

Expanded Native Roaming and International Calling

We’ve expanded our native roaming coverage to 180 countries on GSM 5G! You can see the updated list here soon. Premium line users, you will now get either 5 GB or 10 GB included per month for roaming, depending on where you’re traveling. You get 10 GBs to use in the original 102 countries; you get 5 GBs to use in the 78 new countries. You also get 500/1000 minutes and 500/1000 texts. The New Starter plan comes with 1 GB (and 150 minutes, 150 texts) per month of native roaming.

Roaming is now also available as an add-on: 1 GB+150 mins+150 text for $15, or 5 GB+500 mins+500 text for $45. Any line on an Unlimited or Shareable plan on our upgraded GSM network can purchase roaming add-ons. Stack them as you like. The ability to purchase roaming data, talk and text will be available directly from the line details page in January, but for now you will need to contact support, who will be able to purchase the roaming add-ons for you.

We’re also bringing international calling to all Warp lines on our Unlimited Starter, Essentials, Premium, and Shareable plans. Lines on the Light and Kosher plans will get access to international calling as an add-on for $3/mo (or $24/yr) starting in January. 

This makes us the first MVNO ever to offer direct dial international long-distance calling on the Warp 5G network. 

For our GSM network, lines on Kosher or higher plans already had international calling, but we’re making a change there. 

First, lines on the Light plan, which did not have international calling before, can now get it for an extra $3/mo (or $24/yr). 

Second, lines on the Kosher plan moving forward will include calling to Israel and will be able to get worldwide calling via the $3/mo ($24/yr) add-on. Existing Kosher lines that have worldwide international calling are being grandfathered and will not require the add-on.

Last but not least, anticipate the launch of US Mobile on AT&T in the first half of 2024. This will be our primary focus as we kick off the year. One key reason for choosing AT&T is its extensive coverage through FirstNet, boasting over 200,000 square miles more than any other network in America. While it may not be the fastest network everywhere, you can expect fast and reliable speeds in more locations.

Moreover, AT&T’s technical stack stands out as the most advanced we’ve encountered. When combined with our next-gen platform, it’s set to create magic. Stay tuned for a stream of cutting-edge features and services from US Mobile as it transforms into the nation’s sole super carrier. And yes, our pooled plans will enable you to share data seamlessly across all three network operators.

This is a big step for us at US Mobile, and it’s all about making our services align even more closely with your needs and lifestyles. As always, your feedback is the fuel that drives us forward. Let me know your thoughts, and let’s continue this fantastic journey together!

Into the great unknown!