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New Plans, New Features, Same Great Service: Unveiling our new lineup of prepaid phone plans

We know you’ve come to love US Mobile for our affordable and flexible phone plans that keep you connected all across the country. But we also know that it can sometimes be tricky to figure out which of our many prepaid phone plans is best for you. When we asked for user feedback a couple of months ago, one of the most common requests we got was to simplify our plans and the way we present them.

So we’re doing exactly that — and also a whole lot more. 

We’ve spent the last few months devising a simpler, more user-friendly set of prepaid phone plans that will be easier for new and existing customers alike to navigate. Beginning today, we’ll be offering three Unlimited plans and a Shareable Data plan.

Here are the details:

  • Unlimited Starter: This plan comes with Unlimited Talk & Text and 20 GB of high-speed, premium data — all for $25 per month.
  • Unlimited Essentials: This plan comes with Unlimited Talk & Text, 50 GB of high-speed, premium data, plus 5 GB of mobile hotspot data — starting at $40 per month for one line and as low as $30 for three or more lines.
  • Unlimited Premium: This plan comes with Unlimited Talk & Text, 100 GB of high-speed, premium data, international data, and 50 GB of mobile hotspot data — starting at $50 per month for one line and as low as $40 for three or more  lines. Plus, you’ll receive subscription Perks for four or more lines.
  • Shareable Data: Select the amount of monthly data you need and share it across multiple lines, no matter which network. The new plans include one line with Unlimited Talk & Text. Start with one of four plans (from $10 for one line and 1 GB to $50 monthly for one line and 30 GB) and then add more lines and data at a rate of $8 per line and $2 per GB.

These prices also include taxes and fees — that way, there are never any surprises at check-out. When we say $25 per month for an Unlimited Starter plan, we mean you’ll pay $25 each month — not a single penny more. This transparency in pricing is practically unparalleled in this industry.

In addition to increased transparency in our pricing, these new and improved prepaid phone plans also include a handful of new features that we’ve never had before: international calling to nearly half the world’s countries, plus the ability to mix and match networks across our shareable data pools.

As you can see, our new plan catalog is much simpler and easier to navigate — but if you love your current plan and don’t want to switch to any of these new plans, fear not! We won’t be changing anything for existing lines. If you’re already on an Unlimited Premium or Unlimited Basic plan, you’ll stay on that plan indefinitely, unless you change your plan on your own.

Read on to learn a little bit more about what these plans mean for new and existing customers.

More about our new prepaid phone plans

While the increased transparency around the pricing of our plans is obviously a big catch, we’ve also added a handful of never-before-seen features to our plans that will make the US Mobile experience even better.

Parity between GSM and Warp 5G Networks:

GSM 5G will now get the same amount of high-speed data on our Unlimited plans as Warp 5G (i.e., 20 GB, 50 GB, 100 GB, for each tier). 

GSM 5G lines can also now be added to shareable data plans. You can even have a mix of Warp 5G and GSM 5G lines in the same pool — that way, you can use the Warp 5G network on your phone while other users in your shareable data pool can use the network that works best for them.

This is something that few — if any — other MVNOs are doing today.

International Calling

We’re also releasing the beta version of international calling on GSM 5G SIMs. GSM lines on any plans with talk now have unlimited calling to 87 countries. We will be adding support for more destinations — as well as international calling for Warp 5G — in the next few months. 

You can view the current list of supported countries here.

What this means for existing customers

If you’re on a US Mobile plan already and like what you’ve got, don’t worry — we aren’t making any changes to what you pay or the wireless service you receive. The new plan structure is only applicable to new lines added to an account.

So if you’re on an Unlimited Basic plan or a bundled plan (or any other old plan we’re no longer offering to new customers), you can remain on that plan for as long as you want. If you choose to add another line to your account, you’ll have to select from one of the new plans outlined above. This ensures that we can provide a consistent and simplified experience for all new customers joining our network. And you’re also more than welcome to switch from your existing plan to one of the new prepaid phone plans if you think one’s a better fit.

We will, however, be changing our subscription perks policy. Starting today, users will get one perk, up to $10/month in value, with four or more Unlimited Premium lines. But users will only need to verify the subscription with us quarterly (instead of monthly).

Rest assured that our commitment to providing affordable and flexible phone plans remains unchanged for existing customers. Your loyalty is important to us, and we appreciate your continued support.

If you have any questions or concerns about your plan, our customer support team is always here to assist you.

What this means for new customers

If you’re not already on US Mobile, now’s the time to give us a try! 

We’ve streamlined our prepaid phone plans — and reduced our prices! — to make it even easier to select the one that works best for you.

And our new plan lineup is just one of the many reasons making right now the perfect time to make US Mobile your wireless service provider. In addition to the streamlined plans, we’ve also just launched a new referral program that allows you to earn $25 for every friend you refer to US Mobile, as well as a series of features that make line management super easy.

Whether you’ve been on the fence about us in the past or a friend recently referred you to US Mobile, join us today! Click here for a comprehensive breakdown of all the cutting-edge features we have to offer here at US Mobile.