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Charting the Course for US Mobile’s Most Revolutionary Year Yet

Hey, US Mobile family!

Today, we’re beyond excited to take you behind the scenes and reveal what we’ve been passionately working on for 2024.

Our team recently gathered in Dubai for our annual offsite, and it was nothing short of inspiring. This year, we’ve decided to pull back the curtain and offer you a first look at the groundbreaking innovations we’re eagerly preparing to roll out.

To kick things off, we’ve put together a video (see above) that not only introduces you to our incredible team but also showcases early prototypes of what we’re bringing to the table. Dive in to meet the minds behind the magic, and then stick around as I walk you through each innovation below.

What’s Cooking at US Mobile This Year? 👨‍🍳 

Seamless Payments

Say goodbye to payment hassles! We’re introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay integration for that smooth, secure transaction experience you’ve always wanted.

iOS Widgets

Get ready for tailor-made insights right on your iOS device’s home screen. Quick, customizable, and just what you need to stay informed.

Boosted Security

We’re keeping good on our commitment to being the most secure carrier as we add 2FA via Authenticator apps. Plus, look out for a revamped Settings dashboard that’s easier than ever to navigate and take control of your US Mobile experience.

The Eagle by US Mobile

You can cross this one off the list! Our blog recently received a major facelift. Enjoy the sleek, new design and even smoother access to our in-depth articles and guides, helping you navigate the world of connectivity.

The World’s First AI-Driven Carrier

This is BIG. We’re infusing AI across US Mobile to offer personalized plan recommendations, seamless eSIM line transfers, hassle-free number porting from other carriers, and enhanced security. And that’s just scratching the surface. We’re actively training our AI model to integrate seamlessly with US Mobile, and we want your input: What should we name our AI assistant?

And there’s more: Deathstar 🌐

Imagine having access to all three major networks in America – total control over your connectivity – for the lowest prices and jam-packed with US Mobile’s premium features. 

That’s Deathstar for you, a new network joining the ranks of our Warp and GSM networks this summer.

We’re at the start of our most revolutionary year yet, and it’s all thanks to your support and feedback. Here’s to making 2024 a landmark year for all of us at US Mobile and our incredible community. We could never do what we do without you.

Stay connected,

💌 Team USM