2 colleagues talking while one is working on laptop

One Size doesn’t fit all: US Mobile’s flexible business cell phone plans

2 colleagues talking while one is working on laptop

Running a business isn’t easy. And finding a business cell phone plan tailored to your actual business needs? Impossible, right? The large mobile carriers lock small businesses into long, expensive contracts with bells and whistles that most people simply don’t need. Smaller carriers might get you something cheaper, but rarely will they offer a plan that truly fits your needs. Furthermore, no matter which carrier it is, getting everything set up is a pain. And getting quality, on-demand support—especially if you’re a small business—is usually nowhere to be found.

At US Mobile, we understand the importance of customizability, affordability, and flexibility, which is why we have made it our mission to offer plans that work for every business, small and large. Here are just a couple of examples that illustrate how US Mobile’s plans and features can cater to a wide variety of businesses:

Let’s say you’re a neighborhood flower shop. It has six phone lines for the shop to take orders and coordinate with clients and a few more lines for the delivery drivers. An ideal plan could be a shared data plan that allows you to buy the exact amount of data connectivity you need for all your lines without wasting a single GB.  

You might be a real estate company that requires 20 phone lines for its maintenance staff and four data-only lines for security cameras. With US Mobile, you can customize your plan to fit exactly this use case. For example, you could configure your 20 cell phone lines with our best-selling Unlimited Talk & Text plus 5GB bundle for $15 a line, and then add four lines for security cameras using our custom plans options to get the data-only plans you need.

As you can see, US Mobile’s flexible and diverse plans can meet a wide variety of business needs. We recommend you do your research before choosing a carrier; it gives you the potential to save thousands of dollars over the years! If you’re a small business looking to find the perfect fit, give our plans a try with our free trial here, or get in touch with us at [email protected].