Introducing the future of connectivity for mankind

The wireless connectivity industry is saturated with archaic one-size-fits-all cellular plan. We introduced our Connectivity OS in 2014 with innovative features that made it easy for people to pick and pay for the connectivity they need.

That has changed how people connect. Over the last five years we’ve made it increasingly easy for users to connect all types of devices from phones to drones. We've opened the door for makers from one-person teams to large companies to come up with great ideas, build amazing products, and seamlessly connect their devices.

While there have been many notable moments since we launched US Mobile, the features below reflect how our Connectivity OS is the future of wireless— defining how US Mobile democratizes cellular connectivity and transforms how we connect today.

All in one Connectivity Platform

Get as much or as little connectivity as you need and manage it all in one place with US Mobile’s Connectivity OS.s

US Mobile is making it easy to manage connectivity for all your devices

Connectivity made easy

Different devices have different connectivity needs. Don’t waste your time going down to stores of different carriers just to find expensive and inflexible one-size-fits-all plans.

With US Mobile we send the Starter Kits to your door and get all types of devices from phones to drones connected online in just a few minutes with our Connectivity OS.

Ease of use is the design ethos

Share connectivity across your family, devices, and team

Instead of having different plans with different billing dates for all your lines and devices, US Mobile’s Connected Device plans keep everything in sync and in one place.

In our Connectivity OS, minutes, messages and data are shared between all your devices under your plan. You can add as many lines as you want.

Intuitive dashboard

Connectivity OS not only makes it incredibly easy to connect, but also helps give you a better understanding of how your devices are being used. You can choose how to make the most of your connectivity.

Intelligent plan suggestions

We want our customers to save money. The Connectivity OS intelligently analyzes how much talk, text and/or data your devices use each month and suggests the best plan for you to save money. So if you typically only use half of the connectivity you pay for each month the Connectivity OS will learn and suggest you switch to a smaller plan.

Simple, straightforward pricing for any device

Our Connectivity OS has plans that are perfect for all different types of devices. Choose from a list of device specific plans.

Security Systems

Wireless security systems are easier to install, easier to manage, and more secure than traditional systems by not relying on intrusive wires or insecure wifi signals.

600 systems

100 min
2 Gb

Palm device

Meet Palm, an ultra-mobile device designed to keep you connected just the way you want.

Light plan

60 min
200 text
200 mb

Ultimate plan

unlimited talk & text
8 gb

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