US Mobile’s all new Connected Device Plans are available on Palm

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US Mobile is introducing a Connectivity OS with plans that are designed to help customers take control of connectivity for all their devices.

The new OS will transform the entire connectivity experience by simplifying the process of getting a line, increasing transparency and actually helping people to use less.

Plans for Palm

We’ve chosen Palm as our first official Connectivity OS partner to offer users Light, Moderate and Ultimate Plans that are perfect for their Palm devices


Light plan

As low as


60 min200 text200 mb

Moderate plan

As low as


250 min1,000 text1 gb

Ultimate plan

As low as


Unlimited talk & text8 gb

The Palm plans offer the same affordability & flexibility that our customers love about US Mobile

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Why US Mobile?

Coverage on the fastest US networks

With US Mobile, you get coverage on the nation's two fastest LTE networks, without the hassle and complexity of going through a traditional carrier

Delightfully easy to use

The US Mobile connectivity experience completely changes the way people access and pay for connectivity. Our user-friendly experience lets customers and makers get creative with how they get connected.

Customer Service

Lightning-fast personalized and interactive customer service that’s available 24/7 on chat, email and over the phone