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US Mobile was originally started by a student for students, which is why we offer university students free SIM cards.
We know how important it is for you to keep in touch with your loved ones and your new friends on campus.

You can pick up a US Mobile SIM card from the Student Services Offices of our University Partners belows.

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If your university is not yet one of our partners, fill in the form below with your university email address and shipment information to receive a free SIM card.

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US Mobile only ships SIM cards within the United States.
We understand you may want to order a SIM card ahead of time so that you can activate as soon as you arrive on campus. To do this, we recommend that you contact your university student services office to ask about delivery and pickup options.

Why US Mobile

We offer cell phone plans customized for students.

We believe your provider should offer simplicity and value. That's why we're offering fully customizable plans so you just pay for what you use.