Best family plans for prepaid phones

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Prepaid cell phone plans

The 2 largest nationwide networks. More Affordable. No contracts. Prepaid plans are just better, and easy to switch to.

Unlimited plans or custom plans from $4/mth

Get unlimited plans for heavy users, simple plans for light users & everything in between. See how much you can save.

Manage all your lines in one dashboard.

See the minutes, text & data usage for all your lines, change plans or add Top Ups to refill your balance at any time.

Bring your own phone(s)

Your phones will most likely work with US Mobile. You don't have to buy new phones. Chat with us to see if your device is compatible.

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Janice, customer

Perfect solution for families!

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Love US Mobile!

Whenever I tell friends about your flexible, pay-by-month plans (which are especially great for younger school-aged kids that may need to make a call or send a text once in a while), they say it’s the perfect solution for them. Just put a SIM in a parent’s old phone and they can make 100 minutes of calls each month for $5!

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Best cell phones and plans for families, kids and seniors

Whether you need a smart phone for your kids’ unlimited plans, or a basic phone for a senior’s daily use, you can find the perfect phones for everyone in the family


Warp Speed 5G

Get up to 3 Gbps using premium data!

See a live speed test


Save big by building your own plan from $4/month

Build your plans

Bring your device

99% of devices will work with US Mobile

Or get a new phone